Netflix Emailed People Suggesting They Watch Scrotal Recall, Which Is Great

If you’ve gotten an email recently from Netflix suggesting that you check out Scrotal Recall, this isn’t a late April Fools joke. This month, the streaming service has added Scrotal Recall, a British TV comedy that has taken the internet by storm, thanks to its witty but porn-esque title. So, keep in mind that Scrotal Recall is not a porn parody, although it is about sex and chlamydia.

The British sitcom stars Johnny Flynn as this dude name Dylan who learns he has chlamydia. Obviously, the step following learning he has a sexually transmitted disease is to then go through the list of women he has slept with and inform them he has a sexually transmitted disease. If you aren’t going to have safe sex, it’s still good to do the responsible thing later, amiright? Anyway, through flashbacks and present-day scenes, we get to learn more about Dylan and his love life, which is a fine enough setup for a sitcom. It’s just the title that is off-putting for some.

While it might have been jarring to see Netflix recommending Scrotal Recall in your inbox, some people are pleased as punch about the recommendation. There’s this lady, who is not only interested, but wonders how the hell Netflix knew she would be down with Scrotal Recall.

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Or this lady, who seems to have a pretty good relationship with Netflix already, and was just primed and ready for something like Scrotal Recall to fall into her lap.

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But not everyone is super pumped about Netflix telling them they should check out Scrotal Recall. This dude is having none of it.

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If you are skittish about a show called Scrotal Recall, we will definitely not recommend the actual porn parodies Bob’s Boners, Porks & Recreation or Gnardians of the Galaxy to you. While Scrotal Recall isn’t actually another porn parody, it is an interesting conversation starter and a funny premise for a sitcom, and we’re happy Netflix picked the series up.

If you’d like to look into Scrotal Recall, you can check out the trailer for the Channel 4 and Netflix series, below. Or take a look at what else Netflix is adding soon.

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