Is Stephen Amell Finally Going Back To The WWE?

For months, Arrow star Stephen Amell and the WWE have been teasing something happening between the two parties. However, minus a brief trash talking segment, nearly all the activity has taken place on social media. Now Amell has posted a video which strongly indicates that he’ll be back on WWE TV in a couple of weeks. Check out the video below.

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Posted on his Facebook page, Amell cuts the most understated wrestling promo in the history of the business. His calm demeanor is startling compared to the usually brash personalities one sees on your average episode of WWE RAW. Speaking of RAW, the August 10th episode will emanate from the Xfinity Arena in Everett Washington. That’s likely the event that Amell references in the video. He’s in the early stages of filming Season 4 of Arrow right now in British Columbia, and while the WWE will be in B.C. a few days previously, that won’t be televised, and in WWE, if it doesn’t happen on TV, it doesn’t really happen.

The rumor has been that Amell would be involved in some sort of program leading up to Summerslam, the WWE’s second biggest show behind Wrestlemania, which will take place in New York two weeks after the Washington state event. While it’s not clear if the Ninja Turtles 2 actor’s role will involve actually wrestling or not, Amell, a lifelong pro wrestling fan, has expressed interest in getting physical in a WWE ring before.

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The entire thing started in May, when WWE superstar Stardust started calling out Amell, or rather, started calling out The Green Arrow, as face painted superstar seemed to believe that the actor actually was the character he portrays. This has lead to some speculation that Amell may actually perform in character at Summerslam. This lead to the aforementioned trash talk as Amell sat ringside during the Memorial Day edition of RAW. Recently the feud has expanded to include reality-TV-personality-turned-WWE-superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and new-to-the-roster high-flyer Neville, whose signature maneuver is actually called the red arrow. Here’s Stardust making some generalizations about heroes, and arrows, on this week’s WWE Smackdown in front of Neville.

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There are likely a number of things that need to be worked out to order to get Stephen Amell in a ring. In addition to finding the time to get the minimum amount of training, one would expect whatever insurance company covers Arrow may be concerned about their star being injured in the middle of filming. Still, we’re looking forward to RAW in two weeks to see where this storyline is headed. We hope we’ll actually see The Green Arrow in the ring. On the streets of Starling City, a guy in a hood and a mask may look out of place. In the WWE, he’d be right at home.

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