Watch The World's Cutest Kittens Take Over This New Diet Coke Commercial

The Coca-Cola Company is known for tapping into nostalgia as well as celebrity appeal. However, I’ve never seen the company capitalize on the internet cat phenomenon, until now. Seriously, check out the new diet coke commercial, featuring Taylor Swift and the world’s cutest kittens, below.

Swift is supposed to be the highlight of this ad, as one of her new songs from 1989 is even featured in the advertisement. However, I am happy to report that she is overshadowed by first one tiny little adorable kitten, and then two. Just look at those big open eyes and grumpy faces.


Soon, an entire roomful of baby kittens surrounds Swift, totally stealing her thunder. Still, Swift’s pretty cool, since the roomful of cats is meant to denote Taylor Swift’s life if it, “tasted as good as Diet Coke.” I love the little guy on the table.


I also really, really covet the one that cuddles up on Swift’s shoulder as she enjoys her diet soda.


From now leading into the Super Bowl, The Coca-Cola Company and others will be producing some of the best commercials we will see all year. The Coca-Cola company loves to tap into the holiday nostalgia with those lovely polar bear commercials, and in the past we’ve seen Simpsons-based Coke commercials, some classics remade and a take on “America The Beautiful” from the company. No doubt the Swift commercial will be overshadowed in the coming months, but for now we will appreciate the world’s cutest cats in all their insanely fluffy glory.

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Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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