We Finally Know When Marvel's The Defenders Is Getting Off The Ground

When Marvel first announced their Netflix shows back in late 2013, there was also the added bonus that the platform’s first four heroes would eventually join forces for The Defenders miniseries. Since then, two seasons of Daredevil have aired; Jessica Jones Season 1 aired in November, with Season 2 coming at some point; Luke Cage Season 1 is airing in September and Iron Fist Season 1 is gearing up for production. However, there’s been no word on when The Defenders will arrive, but now it looks like the miniseries is finally getting off the ground at the end of the year.

During a Daredevil Season 2 screening event in Paris, Matt Murdock himself, Charlie Cox, told the press (via Independent) that The Defenders is set to begin shooting near the end of 2016. He said:

What we do know is at the end of this year we’re going to be making The Defenders and, of course, Daredevil is very much a part of that foursome.

Just like Marvel did with the Avengers during Phase One, it looks like the Netflix side of the MCU wanted to give its heroes enough time to adventure on their own before bringing them together (some more than others). If The Defenders is beginning filming at the end of the year, that could mean we’ll see it premiere on Netflix in late 2017 or early 2018. The show is only set to last between four to eight episodes, but if viewers respond positively to it, there’s always a chance Marvel could order another Defenders miniseries, just like how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes returned for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Charlie Cox added during the press event that although he doesn’t know what The Defenders’ plot is, he’s looking forward to seeing how the heroes’ lives finally intersect. In his words:

I have no idea what the storyline is going to be for that show. I’m very excited to see how those worlds combine… and interested to see tonally how those shows become one.

Despite The Defenders plot details being light, what viewers can count on is Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist teaming up to battle an unknown threat, and given the settings of all the individual shows so far, it will probably take place somewhere in New York City. However, the one downside to The Defenders getting started so soon is that it might delay future seasons of the individual shows, as Cox said he’s not sure if Daredevil Season 3 is happening. Fortunately, just like how there were more solo movies after The Avengers, these shows can pick up again after The Defenders concludes if necessary.

We’ll keep you updated on The Defenders’ progress, but for now, you can check out both seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones Season 1 on Netflix, and Luke Cage Season 1 will arrive on September 30.

Adam Holmes
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