What Uncle Jesse Was Originally Going To Be Called On Full House

Lifetime’s original movie The Unauthorized Full House Story has been in the news quite a bit lately, thanks to a ridiculous throwback set, some bad wigs and the type of dialogue we’ve come to expect from a Lifetime original movie. But while Lifetime’s Full House biography may not get all of the details right, it does reveal how John Stamos managed to change the name of his character from Uncle Adam to Uncle Jesse Katsopolis.

In the movie, John Stamos will seem like the perfect man for the gig—suave and elegant and ready to take the small screen by storm. But when he meets with ABC executive Jeff Franklin about the gig, he tells the producer that he just doesn’t see himself as an Adam, delving into a complex story related to Elvis Presley to make his point. You can check out the story, below.

I see so much of myself in Uncle Adam… I had this idea that I wanted to pitch you. You know Elvis had a twin brother? Yeah, yeah his name was Jesse; he died in childbirth, but that’s not the point. And so I’m thinking, maybe that’s who this character is. You know, not Uncle Adam, but Uncle Jesse.

The Adam to Jesse switch is information that's been floating around for awhile, but it's actually not something many Full House fans know. In that way, The Unauthorized Full House Story should be useful to viewers, especially since the Full House reboot and revival Fuller House is expected to hit Netflix in 2016. It should be fun to brush up on the behind-the-scenes antics in the series before Fuller House launches. The full clip can be viewed over at TV Insider.

In the meantime, if you are wanting to see some more from Lifetime’s original movie, look no further than the first clip for the upcoming TV movie, which really gives us some highlights of the former TGIF entry and all the shenanigans surrounding it. Give it a watch, below.

Despite the fact the The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story didn’t do so hot in the ratings, Lifetime has been all-in on other similar TV movies in the time since. Full House isn’t the only former series that is getting the treatment. In fact, Lifetime also wants to delve into the people involved with Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210, too. The Unauthorized Full House Story will hit the schedule first, airing on August 22 at 8 p.m. ET. The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 will air on October 3 and The Unauthorized Melrose Place will hit the schedule on October 10.

Jessica Rawden
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