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Yo, Joe! Or Yo, Jeff as it were. Community has never been entirely bound to a live-action reality, as demonstrated by "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas." And next Thursday, the NBC comedy will go animated again, this time in the vein of the 1980s classic cartoon G.I. Joe. NBC hasn't offered up a description for this episode, beyond the obvious note that the study group will get animated for this G.I. Joe-inspired episode.

We've seen Jeff show off his badassery before, and it wouldn't be the first time the series has approached the subject of battle and war before -- pillows, blankets and paintball anyone? -- but going animated really takes it to that next level. And if you hadn't heard, this episode was penned by Dino Stamatopoulos, who may be better known for playing "Star-Burns" in the series.

The new preview already tipped us off that a PSA would be coming, because knowing really is half the battle. But here's a better look at the lesson we'll be learning (ish?) during "G.I. Jeff."

If you're going to spoof G.I. Joe, a PSA is practically a required throwback. As it happens, the Community PSA seems really familiar if you've seen this one...

Community is currently closing in on the final episodes of its fifth season, with "G.I. Jeff" and two more episodes remaining. NBC has yet to announce their plans for the series beyond Season 5, but I'm sure i'm not alone in hoping it's renewed, as Season 6 is a crucial point for Abed's prophesied (kind of) six-seasons-and-a-movie. Make it happen, NBC! Check out some high-res stills from the episode, which show off Jeff, Annie, Britta and Shirley in the gallery below. And be sure to tune in for Community's "G.I. Jeff" when it airs Thursday, April 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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