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A Free Britney Spears Shares Nude Tub Photos, And Before You Call Her Out, No That’s Not Photoshop

After well over a year of fighting to get her father removed from her conservatorship, Britney Spears is now free of Jamie Spears’ control of her financial affairs, which she’s claimed has negatively affected her life in some shocking ways over the past 13 years. Now that Spears is free, though, she’s shared some nude bathtub photos with fans, and wants us to know that they definitely are not Photoshopped.

As the ongoing fight to end her conservatorship and her dad’s control over it heated up this summer, Britney Spears saw several freedoms returned to her. These included the ability to more fully control her Instagram account, and that’s led to her speaking about her legal woes there for the first time, and posting way saucier pics than ever before. In light of her court win earlier this week, the embattled singer has now given us some daring nudes, which you should see for yourself to believe. Observe!

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Alright, as you will notice in her caption...Hello? Hello?! Stop trying to see beneath those tiny cartoon flowers and look under the photos so you can read the caption, guys! You with me? OK, Ms. Spears knows how the internet (and social media, especially) works, and she already anticipated a potential issue with her nude tub pics. 

Seeing as how the bath fixture behind her...No, not her behind. The bathtub is behind her. The tub has a weird curve to it, and Britney Spears figured out that it would likely look to many people as though she’d done some extreme editing to her photos before posting them. But, as she noted with her “Pssss no photo edits … the tub curves” caption, everything in her picture is as it appears in real life. Well, with the exception of those flowers...I guess.

While Spears has been known on social media for her many dance videos over the years, recent months have seen her become more and more open about her life by using the platform. After opening up in court over the summer, for the first time, about her claims of abuse by her dad under the conservatorship, the pop legend has used Instagram to celebrate her wins and share the reality of her life a lot more. This has included her desire to “see herself in a lighter way” by going topless in several posts, but she’s gone a step further here by fully taking it all off.

It seems pretty clear that she’s really enjoying her increased ability to live her life the way she wants, and that’s always a very good thing. Ultimately, Britney Spears does want there to be no official court order lording over all of the details of her life, but, for now, she seems content to have her dad removed from her conservatorship. And, it’s hard not to root for her happiness, no matter how many cartoon flowers she’ll need to use in her next post.

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