A Million Little Things Introduced Possible New Romance for Katherine, So Break Out The Rainbows

Screenshot of Katherine talking to Shanice on A Million Little Things
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Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet watched the latest episode of A Million Little Things.

Katherine Saville has withstood a lot on A Million Little Things in regards to her relationship with Eddie. She stayed in her marriage through Eddie’s addiction and relapses, and gave him a second chance after his affair with Delilah that resulted in a baby, even accepting a role as “bonus mom” to Charlie. The consummate working mom stepped up even more when Eddie was paralyzed in his accident. So now, with her divorce from Eddie progressing full-steam ahead, Katherin has a new romance possibly on the horizon, and fans are saying it’s about damn time Grace Park's character gets her groove back!

A Million Little Things opened up new and exciting potential outcomes for Katherine in Season 4’s “Game Night.” Katherine attended a divorce party thrown by her main girl group of Maggie, Regina and Darcy, with her new pal Shanice also getting an invite. Katherine recently struck up a friendship with Shanice, the high-maintenance A-list actress who was working with Rome on his movie, and things already seem to be heading for a next step. Shanice comforted Katherine, who was overwhemled by emotional fatigue from her divorce, and sparks later flew as the women shared a tender moment after everyone else had left. 

Twitter went wild over the idea of a romance between Katherine and Shanice, as well as the potential to see a completely different side of the usually reserved “My mom doesn’t even like it when I wear pants” Katherine. Some fans were full-on busting out the rainbows.

I don't recall it ever being mentioned that Katherine had dated women in the past, but there’s a lot we still don’t know about this oft-outlying member of the group. How did she go from such a strict upbringing to marrying a rock star? What was she like before the effects of her serious career and cheating, addict husband? Sorry, Eddie, but I think Nikiva Dionne's Shanice is an upgrade, and Twitter users are here for it. 

Katherine proved to be an ally back in Season 2 when she quit her job after her bosses admitted they took her off a case because the clients were uncomfortable with her assistant Carter being gay. Katherine told them to “shove it,” and she brought Carter with her when she broke out on her own. More of this energy, please. 

The situation is likely to be complicated by the fact that Theo has a crush on Shanice’s daughter, Kiara, as he revealed to her in an adorable Love Actually moment. Fans are already anticipating Theo’s devastation. 

As fans hope to see things heating up between Katherine and her movie star friend, it looks like the walls are caving in around Gary regarding his role in the attack on Sophie’s teacher. The end of “Game Night” showed Peter coming out of his coma just as his wife — who called Sophie a liar after hearing the assault allegations — was looking at Peter's phone for any potential evidence. Also, where the hell is Gary’s lucky hat? 

A Million Little Things continues at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC. Be sure to check out our 2021 Fall TV Schedule to keep up with all of the upcoming premieres.

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