ABC Is Clapping Back Against Meghan McCain Blaming Co-Hosts For Toxic Workplace

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The drama between Meghan McCain and The View has intensified after the former co-host spoke about her experience on the talk show while promoting her new memoir. (Which also features such stories.) McCain alleged the set was “toxic” due to her View co-hosts, leading to her exit from the show. Those claims were a departure fromMcCain’s original reason for leaving the show. After hearing the former View co-host’s claims, her former network refuted such claims and unofficially clapped back at McCain and her memoir.

According to TMZ sources, ABC executives are furious over Meghan McCain’s workplace allegations featured in her new memoir Bad Republican, and her promotional campaign across various conservative talk shows probably isn't helping.  McCain’s recounting of her experiences on The View has been almost entirely one-sided and negative, while putting all the blame for her troubles on others, and continuing to stress that her exit from the show was her idea. But it turns out that might not have been the case at all. 

It's reproted that an internal investigation headed by ABC News chief Kim Goodwin found it was the conservative pundit who was also causing the toxic work environment to persist. It wasn’t just her onscreen spats with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, but her behind-the-scenes behavior allegedly wasn’t too great either. The investigation came after Meghan McCain and Behar’s fiery spat earlier this year, after which it's alleged that Goldberg, Behar and Ana Navarro wanted the conservative co-host gone, as opposed to McCain choosing to leave completely of her own volition. 

ABC executives claimed Meghan McCain was the instigator in every situation, per TMZ. They found her to fuel onscreen (and off-screen) arguments along with keeping them going. The source alleged her departure was on the horizon for some time, and claimed former View producer James Goldston was informed to terminate the conservative pundit sooner, but he didn’t want to face the ire of conservative viewers.

These alleged rebuffs from ABC shouldn’t be too surprising. Rumors have been swirling for months about the friction between Meghan McCain and The View. Things have become so heightened that a View producer was allegedly trying to prevent anyone on the show from talking to her. Before she departed from the talk show, it was alleged McCain felt like a “lone wolf” as the show's token conservative. She wouldn’t have been the first conservative co-host to feel that way, and there are some who have backed up her claims that others behind the scenes are also responsible for the in-fighting. Despite the alleged animosity, McCain seems to be thriving after leaving the show.

Despite the drama, the show is currently filling her vacate seat with conservative women for Season 25, which airs weekdays at 11:00 a.m. on ABC. Just probably don't expect to see Meghan McCain to return for a guest spot anytime soon. 

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