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After Amanda Bynes’ Conservatorship Ends, Fellow Nickelodeon Alum Josh Peck Shares Thoughts

Former Nickelodeon mainstay Amanda Bynes was initially placed under a conservatorship, following some erratic behavior and a public arrest, way back in 2013. Nearly nine years later, on the heels of Britney Spears’ conservatorship getting dismantled, Bynes expressed that she wanted to end her own legal arrangement. With the support of her parents seemingly behind her, the semi-retired actress started preparing for a new future and even initiated the removal process for her infamous face tattoo. It wasn’t all for naught either, because a judge has since officially ruled to end the conservatorship in question. With this, fellow Nick alum Josh Peck has weighed in on the news.

Josh Peck Reflects On His History With Amanda Bynes

The two for sure go way, way back. Amanda Bynes, who started her career on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy show for kids All That, teamed up with Josh Peck after he bagged a series regular spot on Bynes’ namesake, The Amanda Show, which also aired on Nick. And apparently, their rapport has carried over into present day. After Bynes’ conservatorship finally got the can recently, Peck shared to Insider,

My only thoughts are that over the last few years, Amanda and I have stayed friends and we see each other here and there and I'm just such a fan of hers. I want her to do whatever makes her happy. And if that means that one day she's acting again and in the business, great. I'm just a fan of hers as a performer, but more importantly, as a person. ... I've always had a love for her and it feels so good to know that we were performing together when we were 13 and all these years later, I still have a real affection for her.

Amanda Bynes Future Remains Uncertain

In the wake of the conservatorship’s dissolution, Amanda Bynes sent a message to her fans, expressing appreciation for their love and support amidst the legal situation. She also indicated that her next endeavor as a fully independent person includes a fragrance line. However, with or without her former co-star's support on the matter, it isn’t clear as of yet if Bynes will jump back into the acting pool again so soon. Technically, the 35-year-old has been on a hiatus since 2010, with her last major movie role in Easy A.

If Britney Spears’ journey is any indication, it very well could be that the Nickelodeon icon doesn’t return entirely to the public eye. Following her own conservatorship ending, an arrangement she once likened to sex trafficking, Spears claimed that she was actually retiring from performing. Sad though the same scenario would be for the What a Girl Wants star's loyal fanbase, it’s not likely that anyone would actually blame her for such a decision.

Josh Peck Doesn't Feel Kindredness With All Nick Alums

It’s interesting that Josh Peck continues to have a “real affection” for Amanda Bynes, yet he revealed recently on the BFFs podcast that he and Drake Bell aren’t friends at all. Evidently, after Drake & Josh ended in 2007, they didn’t keep in touch, which culminated in Peck calling his former co-star “delusional” for his anger over a missing invite to his wedding. I guess, it’s not so much about the quantity of shared screen-time as it is the quality of it that makes a genuine off-screen friendship?

We'll have to wait and see what happens with Amanda Bynes’ future endeavors as they materialize. To all the other ‘90s babies out there like myself, let it be known that All That, The Amanda Show, and most other Nickelodeon shows are streaming with a Paramount+ subscription.

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