After Big Brother 24 Win, Taylor Hale's Recent Posts With Joseph Are Giving Jaylor Fans Hope

It’s hard to imagine a better fairy tale ending to a Big Brother than what happened in Season 24. Taylor Hale entered the game as public enemy number one in the house, and fans campaigned for production to stop her mistreatment, and confronted evicted Houseguests for their behavior towards her. Amidst the chaos, she found footing with The Leftovers alliance, and it culminated in her delivering what might be one of the greatest finale speeches in reality television history, with Taylor being crowned the winner soon after. Given all that, it may not seem like more good vibes would be possible, but — surprise! — BB24's champ has given all “Jaylor” fans a big jolt of hope via her recent posts with Joseph Abdin. 

Joseph and Taylor seemed to be on the fast track to romance during Big Brother Season 24, but things changed after his eviction. Taylor entered a fling with fellow Houseguest and future runner-up Monte Taylor, and fans began to think Jaylor was a thing of the past. Now, it’s looking like her and Monte's courtship has ended, and there’s hope for a future between Joseph and Taylor after this recent tweet from the winner’s Twitter account:

It wouldn't be entirely surprising to learn Taylor is still be interested in Joseph romantically, as she expressed as much many times in the game. Plus, Monte and Taylor basically decided their showmance wasn’t going to work out after the fated “headphone argument” that led both to believe they likely wouldn’t pursue a relationship after the game. Big Brother fans didn’t exactly know how Joseph felt about Taylor come finale night, though, especially after learning about the aforementioned hookup. 

Joseph seemed unbothered in an Instagram update, however, and dropped hints that he’s indeed with Taylor by chomping on some Lays chips after talking about hanging out with someone: 

If that weren’t enough evidence that things might be headed in a romantic direction, Big Brother Season 23 runner-up Derek Frazier kept the speculation train going with his tweet. Big D shared a screenshot from a Facetime call he shared with one of the two, and you can see from the body language they’re enjoying being back together: 

Is this definitive evidence that Jaylor is 100% official? Probably not. For what it’s worth, not all Big Brother romances work out in the end (like Bella and Nick’s big falling out in Season 21). It’s possible that this is nothing more than two very close friends reconnecting platonically, and they'll both go their separate ways once the post-finale fun is over. But then maybe it's not, and they're embracing destiny. Fans will be watching all the same to see if these two become the next great couple to emerge out of Big Brother

Big Brother Season 24 is over at CBS, but anyone can watch the entire season from start to finish right now with a Paramount+ subscription. Binge it now to re-live the fun and chaos of this season, and gear up to do it all again next summer when Season 25 premieres. But there's still a whole lot of Fall TV to get through before that happens.

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