After Family Drama On Social Media, Britney Spears' Recent Posts Have Shown Love To Elton John, Madonna And Krispy Kreme

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Though she is now in marital bliss with her newly minted husband Sam Asghari, the same cannot be said for Britney Spears’ family life. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline did a bombshell interview recently where he discussed the singer’s strained relationship with their two teenage sons, Sean and Jayden. After which, the former couple exposed even more BTS details in a tense back and forth social media feud – but all of Spears and Federline's posts were later scrubbed from the ethers. Spears has refrained since from discussing the matter further and has instead turned to showing some love for a few tried-and-true legends: Elton John, Madonna and Krispy Kreme.

Britney Spears Channels Her Inner Elton John 1970s Era

Despite the pop star’s previous claims that she was retiring altogether in the wake of her conservatorship ending, it seems that’s not quite the case. Reports had been bubbling for weeks about Britney Spears finally releasing new music with none other than the one and only Elton John. Well, she has at least finally teased the collaboration in a since-deleted Instagram post, and wow. Check it out here:

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I had sincerely hoped this wasn’t just another hilarious photoshop job done by Britney Spears and would actually be used as cover art. Because, again, wow. I mean, iconic, right? Alas, Elton John himself – who was cinematically immortalized through Taron Egerton’s portrayal of him in Rocketman – posted his own sneak peek at their collaboration on his Instagram, with an entirely different throwback:

Their duet, “Hold Me Closer,” is slated for release on August 26, so it's not too far away. It's a revived take on the English musician’s 1971 hit “Tiny Dancer.” Judging by his version of the cover art, the two legends in their own respective rights have seemingly bonded over their love of performing, which started at young ages.

Move Over Elton, Madonna's In The House

While Britney Spears is busy dipping her toe back into music after a nearly six-year hiatus, she still has time for her old pal Madonna. The “Like A Virgin” singer was one of the many famous faces who attended Spears’ recent nuptials, and the latter can’t stop, won’t stop gushing about it. On August 19, the former Voice judge again posted a snap of them from the wedding reception, along with a clip of Spears doing an interpretation of Madonna’s voguing choreography from the iconic 1990 track:

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Fans will remember that the former Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino resident had posted a similar but slightly different throwback with Madonna back in June. In that one, the two celebs recreated their infamous 2003 VMAs smooch. And at this point, it’s hard to say if that or the Elton John duet is giving me more feels…

Britney Spears Gave A Shout Out To Krispy Kreme (And Rightfully So)

Last, but certainly not least, was the post about Krispy Kreme. Its accompanying video had an unidentified woman whispering, somewhat erotically, about their “hot” and “juicy” donuts, which was a little weird, I’ll be honest. But all in all, I’ve never felt so seen at the same time – because their product is far superior to certain notable other brands. And no, Dunkin’ Donuts fans, I will not debate it here. Check it out:

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(Image credit: Britney Spears Instagram)

Britney Spears enthusiastically celebrating her Krispy Kreme morning might seem a bit much to some. But in truth, there was a time in the not so distant past that Spears couldn’t even drive herself anywhere, per the restrictions of her conservatorship. That’s all changed now, though, and the avid Instagram A-lister has shared other facets of her post-conservatorship freedoms, to include going to a bar for her “first time.”

There’s still, obviously, the matter of the star pursuing legal action against her father Jamie Spears. Not to mention, Britney Spears continues to feud with her other immediate family members, like her sister and her mom, on top of the aforementioned Kevin Federline debacle. But it appears she’s trying to look on the bright side nonetheless – and who could not when one is tight with both Elton John and Madonna?

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