After Megyn Kelly's One Night Stand Comments About Her Husband Went Viral, She Shared His Amused Response

Megyn Kelly and Doug Brunt on Today Today
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Megyn Kelly is back in the commentary game, finding a home on Sirius XM’s podcast The Megyn Kelly Show and some comments she’s made recently have gone pretty viral. This includes a moment in which she spoke about the possibility of divorce between NFL veteran Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, bringing in her own ideas about cheating and her husband to the forefront. As it turns out, he had a funny response to her viral moment, as well. 

Megyn Kelly’s Viral Cheating Comments

In order to get into the hilarious comment, you need to know some backstory. First of all, Megyn Kelly has been married to novelist Doug Brunt since 2011; the couple share three children together. The two sometimes talk about their relationship, with Brunt previously recalling they’d started dating during her tenure at Fox News and right after she had acquired a security detail thanks to a scary stalking incident. (Kelly exited Fox News in 2017.) While we've heard some tidbits about their relationship in the past, this time during The Megyn Kelly Show, the talk personality and host went viral after sharing her honest thoughts on marriage.

The comment was in a conversation Kelly was having with Canadian professor Gad Saad in which the man said he didn’t believe returning to football would be the major reason behind the Brady/Bündchen trouble in paradise, calling it “statistically unlikely.” Instead, Saad related that potentially “emotional infidelity” may be the root cause. Kelly responded: 

I can see that. I’m thinking about my own husband; I’d much rather he have a one-night stand with a woman than sit and cry with her.

The quick response wasn’t particularly off-brand for Megyn Kelly, who has made a career off of blunt commentary. In fact, it was the second time the host went viral this week after she also referred to Trevor Noah as a “ratings killer” following the announcement he would be quitting The Daily Show soon.  

How Doug Brunt Responded After She Made The Comments On Air

What is a bit more amusing is the fact that Kelly then shared a news article on the viral comment she’d made with her longtime partner. Doug Brunt texted her back a funny one-liner, writing, ‘This feels like a trap.” You can see the exchange in the post below. 

Some commenters had fun with the post on Twitter and Instagram, sending out the “it’s a trap” Star Wars meme or calling her comment “absolute setup.” News anchor Billy Bush even responded back with a request: ‘Is it OK if Doug sits and cries with me? I could use it.’ Other names, like Bethany Joy Lenz, sent laughing emojis. 

And while Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen rumors do not seem to be dying down, it seems the former TV host and her partner are in a solid place and can joke about these cheating comments. You can catch Megyn Kelly on air between 12 and 2 p.m. ET weekdays on Triumph (Channel 111).

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