After Nick Cannon Gets Condom Vending Machine From Kevin Hart, He Claims One Of His Former Pranks Is Still Better

Begun, the prank wars have. Well, I guess “continue” would be the more accurate word, because Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart have been trying to one-up each other for a little while now. The humorous battle began last summer with a billboard jab, and things have been going ever since. Earlier this week, Cannon revealed that he’d received a wild NSFW Valentine’s Day gift, a condom vending machine following his recent baby announcement. While he initially didn’t name the giver, one should’ve known it was Hart. It's a great prank, but Cannon believes that one of his old jokes is still superior.

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest and most eccentric personalities in Hollywood, so his gift is pretty on brand. The funnyman sent Nick Cannon a vending machine filled with condoms. Yeah, you read that right. The joke was a not-so-subtle jab aimed at Cannon’s activities in the bedroom, as the star recently confirmed that he’s expecting his eighth child. The TV host took the gift in stride, though Hart couldn’t resist posting about it himself on Instagram

I see u got my gift @nickcannon ….GOTCHA BITCH!!!!!! ….Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free

It’s a clapback that caught a lot of eyes on the social media platform, and even the recipient of the present took notice. The Drumline alum jokingly commented on the post, pretending to take offense, saying "This is not a laughing matter Kevin!!!!" Though the TV personality seemed impressed, he recently told ET that a former prank involving a private plane still comes out on top:

I still think me wrapping his face on my private plane is better than his sending me a vending machine full of condoms

That's right, last September, Nick Cannon wrapped his likeness all over Kevin Hart's private plane. He even took to Instagram to post a playful photo and a caption that poked fun at Hart. You can check out the image for yourself down below:

Both are quality pranks, so it's honestly hard to say which one trumps the other. I will say, however, that the Jumanji actor may get extra points due to the fact that his prank caused a bit of "baby mama drama" for his pal.

The war originally began in July 2021, after Nick Cannon pulled a birthday prank on Kevin Hart, which involved a llama. In response, Hart arranged for billboards to be set up in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City, which asked bystanders to call Cannon if they wanted “advice on Fatherhood.” But the icing on the cake is that the advertisement included the host’s phone number. Cannon later spoke out, saying that he was trying to “keep it real and stay solid” and not change his number. Though he also humorously quipped that with friends like Hart, who needs enemies?

But don’t get the wrong idea, as there aren’t any hard feelings between them. As a matter of fact, shortly after, the two bonded over the number of kids they both have. (Who knew children could be the equalizers when it comes to prank wars?) All in all, I’d expect more hijinks from the friends in the future.

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