Nick Cannon Addresses Viral Baby Announcement, Apologizes To The Mothers Of His Other Children

Nick Cannon must be experiencing the entire spectrum of emotions right now, as he recently announced that he will welcome a child with model and actress Bre Tiesi, with the news going public just weeks after the death of his 5-month-old son Zen, whom he shared with Alyssa Scott. After expressing some of those complicated feelings on the January 31 episode of his talk show Nick Cannon, the Masked Singer host is apologizing to the mothers of his children for not entirely respecting their privacy in the process. 

On January 31, Nick Cannon officially announced that Bre Tiesi would give birth to his eighth child, and he explained the emotional process of how he, Tiesi and Alyssa Scott decided to publicly handle that news after Zen’s death from a brain tumor. Days later, he again addressed the situation on Nick Cannon to say he did not handle the delicate situation properly. 

I wish to always protect and respect the privacy of the mothers of all my children. I just really want to be sincere, and whether that’s someone who’s new or someone who’s had my child, I have such a great relationship and great admiration for everyone in my life. I believe I probably, no, I failed to do so on Monday because it was a lot going on, I didn’t know how to explain it, I didn’t know what to say, so I was probably talking too fast and probably misspoke. And I know I can do better when dealing with delicate and sensitive discussions. So I promise you, I promise the mothers of my children, I promise my family that I will do better and continue to be more understanding, caring, compassionate, like they often show me every day through these processes.

There’s certainly no instruction manual on how to handle such complicated situations, and Nick Cannon can’t be blamed too harshly if he doesn’t navigate this difficult time in the most perfect way. Still, he said he has a responsibility to protect Alyssa Scott as she grieves, as well as the rest of his growing family, and speaking so candidly on a public stage resulted in additional pain for some. 

He went on to say that he misspoke by unintentionally making comparisons that didn’t need to be made between losing one son and welcoming another child. He recognized that those are separate moments in his life that each deserve respect, saying: 

We lost a child, and it was a sincere, and still is, a sincere and real situation. I love [Alyssa], I love my son Zen, and I always will. And I’m gonna love my new child, and I’m gonna love every child from that point on. I’m a responsible human being, and I take full responsibility for everything. So I must say I sincerely apologize to everyone involved for any extra pain or confusion that I may have caused.

The situation that Nick Cannon and his family find themselves in is so emotionally complex. Losing a child is a pain no parent should have to face, and then going through that process publicly with such a large family just requires so much grace for all involved. You can see Cannon’s full apology below: 

Nick Cannon’s talk show seems to provide a safe space for the entertainer to talk out his feelings, so hopefully he can continue to find comfort there in a way that still respects his family.

Nick Cannon’s child with Bre Tiesi will be his eighth. His older twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan Scott, with Mariah Carey were born in 2011; his son Golden and daughter Powerful Queen were born in 2017 and late 2020, respectively, to model Brittany Bell; twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir were born to DJ Abby De La Rosa in June 2021; and Zen, who Cannon shared with model Alyssa Scott, was his youngest, born in August 2021.

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