Why Kevin Hart's Condom Vending Machine Prank Almost Got Nick Cannon In Trouble

Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart talk about their prank war on Extra.
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Nick Cannon was the recipient of a hilarious pre-Valentine’s Day gift when a vending machine full of condoms appeared in his dressing room. The talk show host recently announced he is expecting his eighth child this year — his fourth in two years — so there was no question as to what the gift was referring to. However it wasn’t publicly known at first that the gift was a prank from Cannon’s buddy Kevin Hart, and it sounds like it caused a little trouble for the Drumline actor.

Nick Cannon’s eighth child will be born in 2022 to Bre Tiesi, who will become the fifth woman to bear a child with Cannon. Kevin Hart clearly found his Real Husbands of Hollywood co-star’s fertility great fodder to continue their epic prank war. While Cannon likely took it with the humor Hart intended, the prank apparently didn’t sit well with one or more of Cannon’s baby mamas, the host of The Masked Singer told ET.  

And one thing that was brilliant about it, it was the mystery of it, because I had up some baby mama drama, 'Who sent you that? Who sent you that?’ So, I did have to do some real-life stuff, and then when he came out and said it was him, everybody relaxed.

Oops! Even though the NSFW gift caused some tension at first between Nick Cannon and his family, it’s good to hear that once they realized the gift came from Kevin Hart, everything was put back in perspective. Hart fessed up to the prank on Instagram, joking that Cannon wouldn’t have an excuse now regarding any possible future procreation.

Maybe Nick Cannon’s comment on the post — “This is no laughing matter Kevin!!!!” — was more serious than we’d expect, given that Cannon had some ‘splaining to do, but at least Kevin Hart took full responsibility for the latest prank in their war. The prank war has been ongoing for over a year and has included incidents like Nick Cannon sending a llama to Hart’s house for his birthday last summer. Hart responded by buying out billboards that read “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon,” and included Cannon’s real phone number.

Brutal! Nick Cannon fired back last September, as he plastered Kevin Hart’s jet with a huge advertisement for his self-titled talk show. When these two pull pranks, they really don’t hold back! 

The subject of children isn’t a new one between Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart either. The two dads joked about the size of their broods when talking on Hart’s Peacock talk show Hart to Heart. Hart himself is a father of four, so while it’s not quite as many as Cannon, he’s got enough to take some jabs at his fellow talk show host. The question now is how Cannon is going to jab back.

Keep your eyes on this duo, because this prank war is absolutely ruthless. Nick Cannon airs weekdays in syndication, so check your local listings to see when and where it’s available in your area. Hart to Heart is available for streaming with a Peacock subscription. They can also be seen on the Real Husbands of Hollywood revival on BET+. Be sure to keep up with our 2022 TV Premiere Schedule to see when new and returning shows will be popping up soon.

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