After Revealing She Was Selling Home With Stunning View, Flip Or Flop's Christina Hall Gets Real About Why The House Was No Longer Working

Many people find it difficult to really land on their dream home when searching for a house. Sometimes, the best one can hope for is to find the next (or third…or fourth) best thing, and renovate from there so that one ends up with the perfect home. Still, it’s possible to think you have all your bases covered, only to live in the house for a while and realize it doesn’t truly fit your needs in a way you hadn’t anticipated. This seems to be true for former Flip or Flop star Christina Hall, who recently showed off her gorgeous Dana Point, California home after selling it, and now she’s letting us know exactly why the home wasn’t working for her family anymore.

Why Did Flip Or Flop’s Christina Hall Recently Sell Her House?

As anyone who’s watched Christina Hall in a battle of wits with her ex, Tarek El Moussa, on Flip or Flop will remember, she knows a thing or two about real estate and what elements help to make a home both a joy to live in and easier to sell. So, it should come as no shock that, after redesigning her Dana Point house, Hall was able to put it on the market and make a nice profit. But, if you wondering why she, her three kids, and new husband, Joshua Hall, decided to leave the place with admittedly stunning views behind, she’s now revealed all in a new Instagram post:

We moved to Dana Point last summer after falling in love with the ocean view. We still LOVE the view but among other things we don’t love the 90 minute round trip drive to and from the kids school. Back to Newport we go. Near school and friends and work. Our new home is our long term family home. Coming from a restless soul my soul is ready to rest. At 38 I’m exactly where I want to be and can’t wait to make the next house our home. 🙏🤍

Oooh, boy. I think most people can understand where Hall is coming from, right? If you’ve done any serious home shopping or even apartment hunting, part of that search has to involve how near or far the place is from work, school, attractions, the people you love, and other things that are important to you. Nothing will kill a dream home experience faster than realizing you now have to spend a whopping 90 minutes just to get to and from the places and people you need to get to.

As those who pay attention to Hall’s personal life will know, she’s been through a lot of ups and downs in the past several years. After splitting from El Moussa in 2016 and shocking their Flip or Flop fans, she went on to marry Celebrity IOU: Joyride host Ant Anstead in late 2018 and eventually have her third child with him. But, she split from Anstead in early fall 2020, and began dating Hall, whom she married quietly sometime recently, which people only picked up on when she changed her name from Haack to Hall on her real estate license and social media.

Joshua Hall had to stick up for Christina Hall recently after news of their wedding went public, and it looks like they’re doing everything necessary to make sure they can continue to make the perfect life for themselves. Along with the recent move, this also includes them living at her farm in Tennessee at least part of the time, and filming her new HGTV show, Christina in the Country, there. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some of their Newport home before long, as it’s sure to be equally stunning as the one they left behind.

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