After Tom Sandoval Apologized For Cheating, News Broke He'd Been Secretly Wearing Similar Necklaces As Raquel Leviss For Months

Vanderpump Rules fans are still reeling from the reported revelation that longtime series stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix had broken up after nine years of dating. And around that same time, it was alleged that the two had parted ways because Sandoval cheated. The 39-year-old was purportedly “communicating inappropriately” with fellow franchise alum Raquel Leviss for months. Since all of the news broke, Sandoval has issued an apology for the attention that he’s drawn as a result of his alleged affair. Now, news has broken that he and Leviss had been wearing seemingly matching necklaces months before the scandal reached the surface.

What Kind Of Jewelry Were Tom Sandoval And Raquel Leviss Rocking Over The Past Few Months?

Bravo fans are some of the most resilient and detail-oriented TV watchers around, and they only proved that further by zeroing in on the jewelry that the supposed couple has sported as of late. As noted by TMZ, fans noticed that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss have been seen wearing necklaces that have nearly identical pendants. The insignia in question is a lightning bolt, and the news outlet provided photos of them, which will likely have the Vanderpump Rules faithful comparing and contrasting.

Let’s be clear about something, though. It can’t be said with utter certainty that this is indeed related to the reported cheating scandal. As far as we know, this could very well just be a coincidence, and the sheer idea of two people owning the same kind of necklace isn’t all that far-fetched. However, considering the context of this situation, one can’t help but admit that this is an intriguing bit of information. It’s also worth mentioning that photos of the two with the lightning pendants date back to October 2022. 

It’s probably a safe bet that Tom Sandoval isn’t going to speak to this particular rumor. After all, the statement that he shared this past weekend pretty much solidifies that assumption. 

What Did Tom Sandoval Say When He Apologized?

Though the TV personality and businessman didn’t explicitly mention his love life in the statement he shared to social media, he expressed plenty of remorse. The star said that he could understand the fans’ less-than-pleased reactions and even added that he deserves the “anger and disappointment” aimed at him. However, he asked that his co-star and business partner Tom Schwartz (who he co-operates the restaurant Schwartz & Sandy's) be left out of the situation. The Vanderpump Rules alum echoed those same sentiments in regard to his family and other business partners, before confirming that he’s “taking a step back & taking a hiatus.”

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One person who wasn’t mentioned in the message was the restaurateur's purported ex, Ariana Madix. While she’s yet to speak out on the breakup, sources allege that he was taken totally by surprise. An insider also said that she particularly felt hurt because of her past friendship with Raquel Leviss, who she’d helped through her own romantic drama with ex-fiancée James Kennedy.

At present, it’s being said that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss want to pursue a real relationship after what sources call a “full-on affair.” This entire situation could have major effects on Vanderpump Rules, should the show get renewed for another season after the currently airing tenth one. We’ll have to wait for news on that front but, in the meantime, I’m sure paparazzi are now going to keep their eyes peeled for those lightning necklaces when snapping photos of the two stars anytime soon.

Vanderpump Rules airs new episodes on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo as part of the 2023 TV schedule. If you need to catch up on past episodes, grab a Peacock subscription and stream them.

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