Why Vanderpump Rules' James Kennedy And Raquel Leviss Reportedly Decided To Call It Quits On Their Engagement

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The Vanderpump Rules love saga between James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss has been one for the books, but like others, it wasn't meant to last. The super outspoken DJ and the former pageant queen with severe anxiety met at a New Year's Eve party that Kennedy worked five years ago and have been together ever since, with Leviss even being brought into the TV fold on the Bravo network. In fact, while filming the show Kennedy popped the big question at a “Rachella”-themed proposal in May. (And he had a little help from matriarch Lisa Vanderpump herself.) Unfortunately, though, the couple have since called it quits on their engagement, and it's supposedly because of a very serious change in their dynamic.

Both James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss posted joint breakup statements on their Instagram accounts on Sunday. While they shared that they still love each other quite a bit, they simply just weren't “in love” anymore, and have “two different goals” going forward. Leviss has reportedly since moved out of their apartment, and it isn't certain if she will appear on Vanderpump Rules in the future. The two Vanderpump Rules co-stars maintain that they’ve split on relatively good terms, so it's more possible than if the break-up was an uglier affair.

Nevertheless, the explanation hasn't been enough for some Bravo fans. Many are confused how the pair could go from calling each other the loves of their lives only a few weeks ago in the press to the state of affairs now. According to a source for Us Weekly, the coupling was a bit hectic, and it was at the behest of Raquel Leviss that things go the way they did. 

It was a tumultuous relationship. [Raquel] still wants the best for him. They had a happy time together. … She’s also grown as well and this relationship outgrew her. She has grown into being a strong woman.

Indeed, over the last five seasons of Vanderpump Rules, things have been pretty rocky between the two reality stars. James Kennedy’s angry outbursts and conflicts with others led to alienations from the group. As a result, Raquel Leviss issued an ultimatum at one point for Kennedy to quit drinking or she was done with relationship. He apparently took it seriously, and has been “California sober” ever since.

Yet in the most recent season, it still appeared as though the two had issues. James Kennedy even point-blank called Raquel Leviss “stupid” on Vanderpump Rules and claimed that she shouldn't have anymore plastic surgery procedures performed on her nose, as he was the one who “had to look at her.”

This marks the second Vanderpump Rules dis-engagement in recent weeks. James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’ other co-stars Lala Kent and her fiancé Randall Emmett broke things off in October after Emmett’s alleged cheating came to light. Kent’s breakup has been distinctly messier than Kennedy and Leviss’, at least so far, considering Kent has decided to rebrand entirely in the aftermath.

James Kennedy and Lala Kent famously dated prior to their most recent relationships. So I can’t be the only one wondering if the fan-favorite duo might give it another shot one of these days... or is that too soon? 

Vanderpump Rules airs new episodes on Bravo on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. 

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