Alexandra Daddario Shows Off The ‘View’ From Her Bathtub

I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Alexandra Daddario is usually up to some cool stuff. As an actress who is consistently working in new locales, has a busy schedule, and is someone who seems to like (or has) to travel to boot, the White Lotus star often shares unique looks at beautiful places and of views on her social media. That was no exception this week, when she gave us a glimpse at her city scenery… from the comfort of her bathtub. 

While she doesn't list her location, prior to the post about her urban “view,” Alexandra Daddario had shared a separate Instagram photo in which she wore Michael Kors and confirmed (again from her view) that she was spending a little time in New York City, seemingly with her now-fiancé Andrew Form. She had to travel to the Paramount Theatre in sunny Los Angeles just a few days later in support of her HBO series White Lotus, so she’s certainly been jet-setting around, from coast-to-coast even. 

With that in mind, it's easy to see why she might need a bit of r&r. You can see her attractive view, below.

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Alexandra Daddario shared the bathtub look a few days ahead of a panel for her series The White Lotus, which has been landing the cast some awards attention in recent months. (And which also happens to be a show which had her jet-setting around due to it filming in Hawaii as part of a longer quarantine shoot.)  For Deadline Contenders, she and her co-star Sydney Sweeney also donned awesome-looking workwear and talked about the HBO series. 

The White Lotus cast Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton and Murray Bartlett

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Outside of red carpet events, she seems to be drawn to framing photos with windows and views, and throwing her person in for a little extra glamour. In the past we’ve seen windows as a backdrop to show off her fashion looks and more, as happened when Daddario posted ahead of the SAG Awards a few weeks back. But there’s nothing like an artsy bathtub photo to really grab attention!

Along with the promotional stuff for the HBO series, the actress has been spotted on red carpets quite a bit recently, and not just for her former show. A few months back, she signed on to the upcoming TV series based on Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches at AMC and, as part of that deal, she was also present for the upfronts presentation for that network this month. Alexandra Daddario's an in-demand actress, so it’s nice that she had enough time to take what looks to be a most relaxing break before things get even busier for the star. Mayfair Witches is expected to start filming this summer, sometime after the also-announced Interview with a Vampire series. 

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