Amanda Bynes Just Released Her Second Rap Song, And It's Definitely Not Safe For Nickelodeon

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I'll admit I didn't do a whole lot of intense speculating about where former Nickelodeon fave and Hollywood star Amanda Bynes' career would go immediately after she was thankfully released from her years-long conservatorship. But even if I'd  dedicated my life to just that in the weeks between then and now, I probably still wouldn't have arrived at "quasi-Soundcloud rapper" as a go-ahead option. (I guess the face tattoo was a hint.) And yet here we are, in Spring 2022, and Bynes has unveiled her SECOND rap song to her Instagram followers and the world at large. So, do as the independent entertainer says and “come fuck with me and my sound.”

Open your mind, your eyes, and probably your overflowing wallet and purses as you dive into Amanda Bynes’ “Fairfax,” featuring a verse from her fiancé Paul Michael. I’ll see you on the other side, dear listeners. 

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As astounding as it may be to hear again, “Fairfax” is the second track from Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael, as the pair put out the song “Diamonds” (which you know we are going to talk about below) only a week or so prior. And to be fair, it’s pretty clear that the former actress is having fun tossing bars together while getting her foul-mouthed brag on, as opposed to seeming as if she’s legitimately coming rabidly for the thrones of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and the like. 

When the former star of The Amanda Show whose name is also Amanda throws a line in a song’s chorus that states “I’m Amanda,” there necessarily has to be self-awareness involved. Because otherwise… I dunno. It’s probably not a dogs-marrying-cats situation, but somewhere in that neighborhood. 

Now, is it just me, or is everyone’s instinct to just call everyone a bitch after hearing that song? It’s like how Friends’ Joey feels after watching Die Hard…bitch. 

Following the reversal of her conservatorship, Amanda Bynes shared a free-life update, saying that she would be continuing to work towards earning her Bachelor’s Degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. As well, she talked about spending part of the summer working on a fragrance, with a proposed launch for it around the holiday season. And all the while, she was quietly sitting on the key information that she was about to rip music’s face open with her hubby-to-be. 

Let’s revisit their first effort, “Diamonds,” shall we?

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I totally want Netflix or Roku Channel (or whoever has the gumption) to give Amanda Bynes another sketch/variety-type TV show, so that we can get some smooth Adult Swim animations behind such jam-jams as these. If this is where her head is at these days, I’d legit love to see her embrace her creative and performative side again, even if it’s in some other format...bitch.

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