Amanda Bynes And Her Fiancé Release A Song Following The End Of Her Conservatorship

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So far as everyone knew toward the end of last year, Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship was supposed to be extended until 2023, with her parents remaining in charge of her health and finances. But suddenly, it was revealed this February that the former Nickelodeon headliner was filing to end the nearly decade-long legal arrangement once and for all. A judge ultimately ruled in Bynes' favor soon thereafter, prompting the former child star to share a message of thanks to her fans. In yet another surprising maneuver, though, Bynes and her fiancé released a new song together post-conservatorship – and someone call her idol Drake because it’s a rap.

The 36-year-old posted a snippet of the collaboration with fiancé Paul Michael on her Instagram. The song, titled “Diamonds,” is led mostly by Michael, but Amanda Bynes is heard repeating a refrain on the track: “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, on my neck, on my wrist / Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, on my fish, yeah, I wet.” It’s no Easy A sequel, but it’s the first posting from Bynes since she shared that anecdote weeks ago regarding a former movie director’s harsh criticism about her appearance. Fans can listen to the brief “Diamonds” clip below:

With the surprise drop, it isn’t clear if she's opting to pursue a more musical path in the future. Previously, the She’s The Man alum indicated that she had other plans as a newly free woman. Plans that included continuing her beauty marketing education at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and developing a fragrance brand. Her attorney, David A. Esquibias, told Entertainment Tonight that the new song has been a long time coming, apparently. He said:

Amanda is creative and playful. She had a lot of fun recording 'Diamonds' during the first shut down of the pandemic. She is now able to share it with her fans.

A closer look shows that "Diamonds" was technically released on Amanda Bynes' YouTube back in 2021. However, her lawyer’s comment suggest that social media use and/or pursuing new projects in an official capacity was perhaps restricted during her conservatorship. Nevertheless, with its conclusion, the former actress is clearly making the most of her recent freedom. In addition to the track and forthcoming fragrance launch, Bynes had also decided to switch up her look and take on the process of removing her infamous face tattoo.

Similarly, Britney Spears has likewise been making the most of her own conservatorship’s demise, which became official back in November. Since that time, the pop singer has been opening up more and more about her traumatic history on her social media. Not to mention, she has also gotten engaged and pregnant by her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari as well.

At one point in time, Britney Spears implied that she might be retiring from performing altogether, given everything she’s been through. Still, it’s not as evident if Amanda Bynes’ future entails a formal retirement from acting. She hasn’t taken on any roles since the 2010 film Easy A, but who knows? Maybe she’ll add a comeback tour to her ambitious to-do list.

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