Inspired by 90 Day Fiancé Fart Jars, A Teen Mom Star Is Now Selling Her Poop

First look at Farrah Abraham in Teen Mom: Family Reunion 2022
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Farrah Abraham rose to fame as a teen mom on the aptly named MTV series Teen Mom in the mid-aughts. Since then, she’s expanded her brand in myriad ways. This has included more TV appearances, but she also famously filmed a porn film with James Deen, and became one of the famous names who joined OnlyFans during the pandemic. As part of the latter work, she’s reportedly gotten into pooping for cash, and she says she was, in fact, inspired by a 90 Day Fiancé star in this endeavor. 

The thing about OnlyFans is that the creators on the site get up to a lot of different kinds of stuff. Some of that stuff can involve safe for work things like cookie videos or BTS set stuff. What OnlyFans is mostly known for is content of a more explicit nature, and Farrah Abraham is one of several reality stars who have signed on for explicit content, charging users $7.99 a month for a subscription.

Chief among these was the 2020 news that Farrah Abraham was doing OnlyFans videos for $100 bucks a pop in which she reportedly would poop on camera for fans willing to shell out some extra cash. The latest addition to this side scheme is that Abraham seems to actually be selling her poop in small jars for extra cash on her OnlyFans account (via The Hollywood Gossip). On the account, the star also notes, ‘And you get a video of me making it for you.’ 

One might wonder if Farrah heard about the 90 Day Fiancé star who previously farted in jars for extra cash and came up with her own scheme? Well, Abraham also addressed that via her account, confirming her take was, in fact, inspired by the jar farts.

I just said 'oh well' about the fart and just went with the real deal!

To note, Stephanie Matto had to actually stop selling her jar farts after a medical emergency, and has since pivoted her business model to NFTS. Ergo, maybe Farrah Abraham is onto something with her choice there.  

This isn’t the first time Farrah Abraham has engaged in out-there behavior to sell sexually explicit content. This is the reality star who dressed up in a knockoff Frozen-themed costume in order to sell sex toys, after all. She actually said MTV had fired her at one point for working in adult entertainment, though she was back to film Teen Mom: Family Reunion for its 2022 release. The rest of the cast basically, kind of welcomed her, though an ET interview with the cast recently revealed some of the other Teen Mom stars were in the loop about the poop selling, and weren’t particularly happy about it. Amber Portwood, who has made plenty of headlines herself, even noted: 

I'm neutral if she doesn't sell feces online. That was a little much for me, but each to her own, I guess… I don't know what's going on, to be honest with you. I'm just saying, I'm not one to judge anybody because who am I to judge?. But that's on a level.

If Teen Mom episodes are more your speed than farting in jars or selling your poop for cash, you can check out what all’s coming to the network with our 2022 premiere schedule.

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