Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Will Reportedly Not Be Returning To GMA, But There's Still One Major Issue To Work Out

It appears that a decision has been reached regarding Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' alleged affair and their future at Good Morning America. Sources say that it seems like the two anchors will likely not be returning to the ABC morning news show following the investigation into their romantic relationship, however, there is still one big issue for them to work out.  

Page Six reported that a decision has been made, and it is not good news for the anchors. The source explained that following the GMA3 hosts being pulled from the broadcast, and an internal investigation, talks have been going on between ABC and the anchors. They explained the mediation is coming to a close, and Robach and Holmes will allegedly not be returning to GMA.

They have not finished mediation — but, yes, that will be conclusion.

The story claims the journalists have not signed anything yet. However, an exit agreement is in the works, and the anchors will reportedly receive contract payouts. It also explains that this mediation will come to a close sooner than later. 

According to a source from TMZ, the mediation was “extremely contentious,” and the anchors and ABC have decided to go their separate ways. The story claims ABC representatives have accused Holmes and Robach of multiple types of misconduct, and another person called the mediation “a witch hunt.” 

The misconduct noted, included ABC reportedly saying the GMA3 anchors waited too long to disclose their relationship to their employers. ABC also reportedly made it apparent that Robach and Holmes' “behavior on set” was “uncomfortable” for the employees. Since the two were suspended, it’s been reported that there have been ramifications, including Amy Robach allegedly losing her friends inside the network. It’s also been said that the GMA crew is not on Robach and Holmes’ side in this case. 

It was also claimed that Robach allegedly had alcohol in her dressing room, and came to work drunk after attending the College Football National Championship a year ago. On this point, the article said this was disputed, specifically the dressing room claim, as one insider said the liquor was gifted to Robach by an ABC executive. 

Another inside source told Page Six that there is a possible legal issue ahead if the two parties don’t come to an agreement:

Unless ABC reaches a satisfactory departure agreement with both Amy and T.J., they would both be looking at filing lawsuits against the network.

It was reported a few weeks ago that allegedly Holmes and Robach were ready to take ABC to court pending the network’s decision. As the mediation comes to a close,  the two may end up suing their former employers for firing them. Early in the investigation, a legal expert explained that this could happen, noting if GMA fired the anchors, ABC was “probably going to have to pay for it.” 

The most recent news claims there will be payouts for both Holmes and Robachs' contracts, however, they could still take the network to court over the situation. So, while it seems the two will not be returning to the air, this situation might be far from over. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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