As American Pickers' Ratings Dominate The Headlines, Mike Wolfe, Robbie And The Gang Are Still On The Road And Filming

American Pickers is currently airing new episodes on Saturdays, though a recent rerun featuring Frank Fritz had some fans reminiscing online. The History show has gone in a new direction after the brouhaha surrounding Fritz’s exit became public news more than a year ago now; unfortunately, American Pickers’ ratings have gone in a new direction too: south. Regardless, Mike, Robbie and their loyal crew are still out there doing their thing on the road and producing new episodes.

The latest season of American Pickers had been running new episodes Since July 9. Most of those have fallen well below the 1 million viewer mark, a threshold that host Mike Wolfe nearly always hit with Frank. Still, the team is already back on the road and putting together new episodes to air at a future date, and Robbie Wolfe recently shouted out the team and all their hard work in a nice BTS Instagram post. 

This isn’t the first time recently that someone related to Pickers has shared a look behind the scenes on Instagram. Just a few weeks ago, Mike also shouted out to the crew working hard at Third Man Pressing in Detroit. This one wasn’t black and white, so it’s a little less artsy, but it does also show off the dedicated team. 

The news comes as American Pickers continues to air new episodes on Saturdays and while the numbers are down, hundreds of thousands of people are still showing up to see what the crew is up too. Many more may be catching reruns or episodes on DVR weeks or months after the fact, which would not be included in traditional Live+7 ratings. 

Look, it’s true the show has dipped in the ratings since Frank Fritz left and Mike Wolfe subsequently had to make a statement about his exit. It’s also worth noting though that ratings are down across the board on every network and every TV show as linear viewing becomes less important. It’s also true that though American Pickers is down overall in the ratings, the show did see a recent ray of light with an August 2022 episode when it nabbed the show more than a million total viewers for the first time since the BTS drama. 

Clearly the crew is still working hard to put out new episodes of a program that’s had a long shelf life on the cabler and it seems like there’s more in the future. Both Mike Wolfe and Robbie have pretty diversified lives, also running popular social media accounts and businesses outside of American Pickers. Mike even recently has been showing off a renovation he’s been working on; he, of course, also went viral earlier this year for filming for an upcoming TV project with Jason Momoa as well. 

I don’t know how long American Pickers will ultimately run on cable, but it’s nice to see the show’s leads supporting the crew that keeps things running smoothly, despite the naysayers who are continually making their feelings known online. If you do want to support the series, new episodes run on Saturday nights. Be sure to check out what else is coming this fall with our TV schedule

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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