As Divorce With Brandon Blackstock Continues, Kelly Clarkson Reveals The Private Way She Often Grieves

Kelly Clarkson’s divorce battle with Brandon Blackstock has been difficult, to say the least. It has been turbulent for the former couple as issues like co-parenting their two children and their shared properties have come into play. Of course, going through such a rough time would be emotional for anyone, but Clarkson (by her admission) tends to be a very emotional person even without such provocations. Despite putting her feelings on public display countless times already, the pop star also needs some solitude to deal with her current situation, and has opened up about how often she grieves in private.

Kelly Clarkson opened about her emotional moments while interviewing Heather Locklear on her popular talk show. The two women were speaking on just letting their grief out sometimes, and when Locklear brought up the subject of crying in the shower, the revelation tapped into a personal moment for Clarkson. The Kelly Clarkson Show host spilled to the Melrose Place alum, saying:

Oh my God, a shower cry? I love a shower cry! It feels good and like nothing's really happening, you know?

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time, so Kelly Clarkson is no different from any other divorcee. Letting her emotions out in the shower was probably the best form of therapy for Clarkson (even while going to therapy). Everyone needs those moments for emotional release. 

The media’s attention on her divorce has been hard for her as well. And the Voice coach needed them after the challenging year she has experienced. But of course, this wasn’t the first time the talk show host opened her with highly emotional moments during her tumultuous divorce. 

A recent performance by Voice contestant Shadale caught Kelly Clarkson off-guard as she became emotional during the performance. Shadale’s powerful interpretation of the song seemed to tap into Clarkson’s feelings about her personal life. The Voice performance wasn't even the only time music itself has moved Clarkson. The multi-hyphenate has used multiple “Kellyoke” sessions on her talk show to channel her complicated feelings about her soon-to-be-ex.  So, the talk show host has shown her heart to fans basically every other time she's on TV, but that doesn't mean she doesn't need her solo time as well.

Her divorce from Brandon Blackstock hasn’t been all bad for the pop singer. Kelly Clarkson gained a victory as a judge determined her prenup with Blackstock would be upheld. She appeared to wrap up her divorce as her breakup-oriented Christmas album was released, with a special on the way, so let's hope she was able to work some of those feelings out. Check out her post about the special below.

With her divorce seemingly wrapped, Kelly Clarkson appeared to have moved on. Fans can support her new life by watching Clarkson weekdays on The Kelly Clarkson Show as well as The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC at 8 pm ET, and check out everything else on the Fall TV schedule here.

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