How Kelly Clarkson Feels About All The Attention She’s Been Getting Through Her Divorce From Brandon Blackstock

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A lot of fans were truly shocked when The Voice coach and talk show host Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from her manager husband, Brandon Blackstock, last summer after almost seven years of marriage. Outwardly, there hadn't been anything close to signs that there was trouble for the duo, and that initial surprise likely grew as the months went on and the divorce proceedings became more and more contentious. Now, Clarkson is opening up about what it's been like to get so much attention because of her divorce from Blackstock.

One of the reasons Kelly Clarkson was a great candidate to be both someone who shepherded new singers on The Voice and as the host of her own eponymous daytime talk show is her seemingly unwavering pleasantness and great sense of (kind) humor. In the past year, though, fans have seen Clarkson push through the pain of dealing with a difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock (with whom she shares two young children), and open up about many of the challenges of the split.

In a recent chat with The New York Times, Clarkson spoke about what it's been like to have details of her relationship and resulting divorce in the news, and she said:

People demand it, so they supply it, unfortunately. I’m not mad at it. But I don’t have to subscribe to it.

If you've ever tuned in for The Kelly Clarkson Show, it's pretty clear that Clarkson and her team there are focused on trying to uplift viewers and make sure we have a fun, inspiring, positive time while watching. Similarly, she's never been one to wade into negativity or anything mean-spirited on social media, in interviews or anywhere else, so it's probably doubly hard to have rumors and actual details of your divorce spread around.

But, even for all of her positivity, Clarkson has been in the public eye for a very long time, and knows that being a public figure means that details about her life have a "supply and demand" quality to them for a lot of people. So, if it's clear that the public wants more information about something, outlets will supply whatever they can to meet that demand, meaning that very little about her divorce can remain private or not speculated over by millions of strangers.

While the pop star has talked several times over the past year about how difficult co-parenting is, and opened up about other aspects of the emotional toll of her divorce on herself and her kids, her bubbly, positive nature has probably helped her deal with having so much publicity be focused on her split. As she noted, she's "not mad at it," and appears to be taking an it-is-what-it-is approach to all the news, knowing that while she can't change it or the desire for it, she also doesn't have to pay close attention to it, either.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 3 is airing right now, and you can also see Clarkson on The Voice Season 21, which beings tonight, September 20, on NBC at 8 p.m. EST.

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