Following Big Brother Exit For Personal Reasons, Paloma Aguilar Spoke Out In Unexpected Way

Big Brother 24 was on the verge of its first eviction when the game came to a grinding halt. Taylor Hale’s almost-certain exit was thwarted after Paloma Aguilar left the game due to “personal reasons.” Her departure effectively saved Taylor and caused the CBS show to abandon its Backstage Pass twist. Now, after all that chaos has settled, Paloma resurfaced online by unexpectedly sharing some comments about her time on the show in quite the random manner.

No longer factoring into weekly HoH reveals and other Big Brother updates, Paloma Aguilar popped up on TikTok to spill a couple drops of tea about the show. But not even with her own post, but rather by commenting on fans’ videos about her. Twitter user Cora de Luca shared some of the comments Paloma made on her videos, with the former contestant responding to the fan's thoughts on how Paloma might do in the game before it started. 

Aw, you were nice once upon a time. I hope you can realize this is reality TV and they spin a narrative - take care of yourself girl.

The comment, while vague, seems to be in response to how she was represented on Big Brother. Whether Paloma is responding to how the show edited her actions in general, or perhaps how her treatment of Taylor came across on TV, isn’t known. But it's certainly not the first time such claims have been made by those taking part in unscripted series. 

Paloma Aguilar popped up in the comments of another video, which showcased some of the concerning behavior that was capped off by her exit. Paloma left a standalone comment on the video addressing the content and the person who made it: 

Just to say- seriously thank you so much for this. I genuinely lost touch with reality because my brain went into overdrive & had a mental break.

Big Brother explained during the canceled first eviction episode that Paloma suffered from a lack of sleep, which then began to make her question her reality. As Paloma described it above, she had a mental break, which included insisting that she and everyone in the house were dreaming and that the entire game was a simulation that they needed to break. 

Paloma also kept bringing up the idea that she'd found a loophole in the game and insisted she could “break the game” by winning and “investing” the prize money in businesses run by the other Houseguests. Some Paramount+ subscribers watching on live feeds thought that was grounds for expulsion for cheating, while others found uncomfortable humor in Paloma’s scheming moments. She addressed the latter sentiment in a comment to a fan that appreciated those moments, and expressed why it was best she left the game: 

Thank you guys! While it was comedic- every joke became a cry for help to get me out of there. Mental health > 750,000.

Paloma hasn’t shared any public posts of her own about her time in the game as of this writing, but with these new comments, it’s possible the former Big Brother Houseguest is feeling comfortable enough with speaking out about it to make one in the coming days. Here’s hoping she’s doing much better following her exit and continuing to recover from her brief stint as a contestant in the Big Brother house. 

Big Brother typically airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in for an extra-long two-hour episode on Sunday at the regularly scheduled time, and keep up with the live feeds on Paramount+.

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