Bill Hader Shares Adorable Story About Daughter Pranking Him Into Meeting Chris Pratt

Bill Hader in Barry on HBO
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Celebrities meeting celebrities can provide some amazingly fun stories that prove that anyone – no matter their level of fame – can get starstruck by stars bigger than them. But sometimes, it’s not the celebrity who does the most to get close to other Hollywood stars but their family members. That recently happened for Barry's Bill Hader, as he recalled the adorable prank that his daughter pulled to meet Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt.

The SNL alum opened up about the prank on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He spoke about his daughters teasing him about his Barry billboards. According to Hader and the late-night host, his children believe Kimmel is a sweatshirt shop owner as the actor brings home swag every time he visits the show. But it was a family dinner with his three daughters that stole the late-night show. For the dad of three, everything started normally.

So, I was eating dinner with my daughters. That was all three of them, and we’re eating dinner. You live in LA [and] sometimes other celebrities walk in, and Chris Pratt came in.... We were at a restaurant, and I go ‘Guys, don’t freak out but Guardians of the Galaxy, you know.’ And my daughters are like ‘Oh my gosh.’

It’s one thing to see another celebrity in the LA scene, but it’s another thing for family members to freak out from the sighting. That appeared to be the moment where the Barry actor’s middle daughter started implementing her plot to meet Pratt. After they spotted the Jurassic World: Dominion actor, she claimed an unknown connection between her and the MCU star to her father.

The nine-year-old who was eight at the time was like ‘I know his son.’ And I go ‘Really?,’ and she’s like ‘Yes, I know his son. Can I go over there and say hi?’ I was like ‘No. He’s eating. Just leave him alone, please.’ So, we eat, finish, pay, [and] she goes ‘Dad, can I go over and say hi, please?' So, I feel terrible. We walk over there, I tap him on the shoulder, ‘Hey, Chris – Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live... Sorry, but my daughter knows your son.’ And my daughter goes ‘I don’t know his son. You wanted to meet Chris Pratt.'

After being left out in the cold by his offspring, Hader tried apologizing to the movie star. While he was apologizing, his daughters began touching Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger while asking if she was a princess. He admitted to being torn over the prank. He jokingly said that he wanted to strangle his daughter while being a proud dad at the same time. After collecting himself, the It actor couldn’t do anything but ask her why she did it.

I go ‘Why did you do that?’ She was like ‘I don’t know,’ and I was like ‘You’re going to make me so much money.’

At least he saw a lucrative future for her! Maybe the SNL alum can turn this family moment into another show or film for him to star in. Right now, he’s busy promoting the much-delayed third season of Barry, and it's safe to say that Barry isn't exactly inspired by a family moment, as Hader plays a hitman-turned-actor.

Of course, there are multiple TV shows and movies other than the Emmy-nominated series to watch Hader flex his different acting skills, which are much better than his Barry character's. You can also catch new episodes of the HBO dark comedy every Sunday at 10 p.m. EST. You can watch Seasons 1 and 2 by getting an HBO Max subscription. It is just one of the multiple returning shows premiering new seasons this spring.

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