Blake Shelton Dressed As A Pink Easter Bunny For Gwen Stefani, And He Looks Straight Out Of Dr. Seuss' The Shining

Black Shelton in camouflage in Come Back as a Country Boy music video
(Image credit: Blake Shelton)

When you think of pink fluffy creatures that pop up to make life sweeter and more candy coated, there's a more-than-good chance you’re able to avoid thinking about Blake Shelton the entire time. Usually, the pinkest and/or fluffiest things in Shelton’s life are either his co-judge on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, or his pop star wife of nearly a year, Gwen Stefani. 2022 delivered something of an Easter miracle, or whatever the exact opposite of that is, as the award-amassing country star donned a full-body Easter Bunny costume, with pink fur from ear tips to toe tips. To speak with as little hyperbole as possible, the visual of him walking down a hallway is right out of Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining, as experienced through a Dr. Seuss-shaped prism. with just a dash of Teletubbies-ish nightmare powder mixed in.

Check out the video below, as shared by Gwen Stefani on Instagram, to get a feel for just how Blake Shelton’s pink-as-a-Peep Easter Bunny might look lumbering down one of the hallways within The Shining’s iconic Outlook Hotel. 

It’d be one thing if Blake Shelton was rocking his occasional “Can you believe this is the shit I put up with?” face, making the Easter Bunny act seem like a chore. But no, he seems to be in a very weird zen mode while donning this brightly hued persona, to the point where he might have a new birthday party gig in his future once the music biz dries up. We can only thank all that is holy that the rest of the video didn’t feature him talking to any ghostly bartenders or making a pit stop at a typewriter. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing former Voice coach Adam Levine screaming in a bathroom as Shelton axed his way inside. “Here’s Blakey!” Classic. 

To be sure, as intentionally strange as Blake Shelton appeared during the first part of Gwen Stefani’s brightly lit video, he was far more kid-friendly than most things that Stephen King put to the page, though also far less rhyme-y than all things Dr. Seuss. And you know who could go for that (yes, yes, yes can do)? John Oates, from the iconic duo Hall & Oates, who applauded Shelton’s bunny display with applauding emojis.

As seen below, Gwen Stefani also shared a shot of her and Blake Shelton in still form, with those rabbit ears standing as tall as…an Easter…basket? I’ve had too much sugar and can’t form good metaphors at the moment. The real question, as tied to Stefani’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! : is he wearing his wedding ring around those soft pink fingers? 

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton in pink bunny costume

(Image credit: Instagram)

I think we can all agree that it would be rather horrifying if someone out there with amazing video/image editing skills was able to somehow input Pink Bunny Blake into the moment of The Shining near the film’s iconic ending when Shelley Duvall’s Wendy runs past the room where the dude in the dog costume is in the midst of something immoral with the Outlook’s owner Horace Derwent. Extra points if Derwent gets replaced by Gwen Stefani in a tux, and there are some Whoville residents running about.

While this would usually be the time when The Voice hits the mid-point or so of a given season, that’s not so much the case this year, as the NBC series switched to just putting out one cycle of episodes a year, at least for 2022. But fans don’t have to look much further than Gwen Stefani’s social media to see Shelton being himself, even when it means being fluffier than he’s ever been before. 

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