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Gwen Stefani Wasn't Wearing Her Wedding Ring On Jimmy Kimmel, But Blake Shelton Shouldn't Be Worried

It hasn’t quite yet been a year since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton made it official, tying the knot in a small service officiated by The Voice host Carson Daly on an Oklahoma ranch. This first year so far — much like their entire relationship — has felt like one big celebration of the musically gifted couple, even if the ska queen did show up on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently without her wedding ring. 

Don’t worry, there’s no trouble in paradise! When Jimmy Kimmel noted that their wedding had happened since the last time he’d seen Gwen Stefani, she excitedly said “Yes!” and pointed to her Only then did she realize she’d pointed to a bare finger. She laughed at herself when she realized that she’d neglected to wear the important piece of jewelry, telling Kimmel:

I forgot to wear my ring. It's like the first time! I was like, 'OK, I'm going to put it in the jewelry cleaner so Jimmy sees how sparkly and amazing my ring is,' and then, hello empty finger. I'm so embarrassed! I'm sorry, Blakey. I love my husband, and I love being married to him. It's just the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, so here we are.

See? No reason for “Blakey” to be concerned. HIs wife presumably just forgot to take her big $500,000 sparkler out of the cleaner. Celebrities — they really are just like us! What was so funny was that Gwen Stefani was wearing so many other accessories that Jimmy Kimmel didn’t even notice she was without her wedding ring. He joked about the country singer wanting to “put a ring on it” but not being able to find an open finger.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton haven’t been able to stop raving about each other since saying, “I do,” last July. They rang in the new year together, celebrated each other’s Christmas albums, and have regularly joined each other on stage (despite sometimes getting trolled by Ariana Grande). The country superstar joked in the past that getting married had made him soft, but all kidding aside, marriage really has changed him.

The longtime coach of The Voice recently spoke about knowing the end of his career is coming, and he’s okay with that. Having not only a wife now but three stepsons, Blake Shelton said his priorities have changed, and when the time comes for him to move aside for somebody else to have their turn in the spotlight, he’ll be ready. But he'll presumably be donning his wedding ring when he says goodbye to those other ventures.

Gwen Stefani has also been changed by the relationship, as she has really taken to the country lifestyle. She told Jimmy Kimmel that being out in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma filled a part of her that she didn’t know was missing. 

The songs that the newlyweds have released have all been in Blake Shelton’s genre (though if he tried to release a ska song, being “the new Nickelback” might be the least of his worries). The couple have four duets together: “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” “You Make it Feel Like Christmas,” “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You.”

As the Sheltons get closer to their first anniversary, fans are also waiting to hear confirmation from NBC regarding the show where it all started: The Voice. Switching to just one season a year, the singing competition has yet to announce who will fill its coaching panel when it resumes for Season 22. Blake Shelton has been there for the past 21 seasons and will likely stick around for more. Perhaps he’ll be rejoined by his wife one day as well — assuming she starts remembering to wear her ring, of course! 

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