Gwen Stefani Reflects On Nearly A Year Of Being Married To Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton perform at The Grammy Awards 2020.
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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been living in wedded bliss for nine months. The couple finally getting married was one of 2021’s (and Shelton’s) biggest pop culture moments, but living in the honeymoon phase can wear off after some time. That isn’t the case for Stefani as she reflected on nearly a year of marriage to the country music star.

The No Doubt frontwoman dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her upcoming makeup line Give. The conversation between the two women soon turned to Stefani’s marriage to Blake Shelton. The daytime host pressed the music star on moving from California to Oklahoma to live with her new husband. Stefani was blunt in her response, saying:

I’ve moved to Blake. I’m all about Blake… and makeup.

As she spoke on newlywed life, the host joked about not being invited to the wedding after Stefani offered her the position of Maid of Honor. DeGeneres’ comments fall in line with Shelton’s friend Dierks Bentley’s light jab at their nuptials. Stefani blamed COVID for the affair being reduced to family and close friends. That didn’t stop Carson Daly from having a major impact on the couple’s special day. But the pop singer didn't let the setback sway her feelings about being a newlywed as she opened up about the couple’s life together.

The marriage is so fun, and I’m so into it. I’m very blessed… He’s my best friend. We have so much fun.

But the fun has spread beyond the married couple’s relationship as their Oklahoma property is starting to take shape. The estate is currently undergoing a major renovation. The former Voice coach opened up about how planting is completely taking over their newlywed home.

He literally texted me an hour ago, and he flew home today. We’re doing major gardening. We’re talking about daffodils; we’re talking about tulips [and] everything. We already did all the bulbs. We did wildflower seeds. Now, we are doing zinnias. I sent him home to figure out how to till all the land and dig a well.

The “Don’t Speak” singer mentioned that her husband has one landscaper but chose to take the project on himself by digging the well and tilling the soil. While DeGeneres pointed out that Shelton has enough money to hire someone for the renovation, Stefani had a different take on her husband’s landscaping project, saying:

I personally love when people do things for me because I’m from Anaheim and I’m lazy.

Now, viewers know what the television personality’s love language is. Speaking of the practice of gardening, the pop star connected seed planting with various life moments. She equated gardening with the growth in her faith, wild ideas, and even falling in love with her husband. It appears that the couple is still loving their time together.

Of course, Stefani’s appearance might be her last on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as the 21st and final season will conclude on May 26. To see what other shows are ending this television season, you can look over our 2022 TV schedule.

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