Blake Shelton Shared A BTS TikTok Of The Making Of One Of His Favorite Videos And It Landed A ‘Sensitive Content’ Warning

Blake Shelton on The Voice
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Blake Shelton has made a name for himself with songs celebrating the life of unapologetic country boys. So while fans are used to the singer of redneck anthems like “Boys ‘Round Here,” “God’s Country,” and “Hillbilly Bone" extolling the lifestyle of hunting, fishing, trucks, and dogs, they know he keeps his content pretty PG. That’s why it was such a surprise when a TikTok post from the making of one of his music videos was flagged by the site for “Sensitive Content.”

Did the cowboy take his redneck sensibilities to an offensive level? The warning at the beginning of Blake Shelton’s BTS TikTok post from the “Come Back as a Country Boy” video shoot amused some fans, as they wondered what he did to deserve such a label. Check out the post for yourself:


♬ Come Back As A Country Boy - Blake Shelton

As it turns out, it wasn’t the singer’s antics that earned him the warning. Rather, many in the comments section posited that it was the special effects that raised red flags for the social media site. In the video, Blake Shelton is shown rising from the ashes, so to speak, engulfed in flames as he climbs out from beneath a pile of burning wood.

While I can see how a person on fire sounds like a justifiable reason for concern, it’s not like Gwen Stefani’s husband is writhing in pain or actually being burned. It’s not a knock at the special effect people either, but the fire doesn’t look all that realistic anyway. As the TikTok video shows, The Voice’s OG coach was never around any real fire, as a split screen showed both the filming of the scene and the highly edited finished product. 

Other BTS clips on Blake Shelton’s social media post, which proclaimed that “Come Back as a Country Boy” remained one of his team’s favorite videos, showed how they filmed the singer pushing over a large tree (they used an excavator), as well as how other visuals were added or edited in post-production to achieve the music video that fans saw. 

Blake Shelton’s TikTok followers had a laugh at the warning that “Some people may find this video to be disturbing,” with one commenter saying:

Lmao love the sensitivity warning before watching this video……..

There was also some uncertainty over why the warning was included, and some even made a joke out of it and pretended to be confused about what was real and what wasn't. As one fan said:

You mean you actually didn’t push that tree over? 😱😱

It is actually pretty funny to imagine anyone being concerned about Blake Shelton after seeing that video, and I wonder if he’s going to use the situation as an opportunity on The Voice — or even on Barmageddon, his new project with Carson Daly  — to brag to his fellow Season 22 coaches about how “on fire” he is. We’ve seen the kind of trolling he’s capable of, so don’t let this dad joke opportunity pass you by, Blake! 

You can catch the thoroughly unburned Blake Shelton on the NBC singing competition when it returns on September 19. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule to see when other new and returning shows are premiering.

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