Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg Knows Tom Selleck Won’t See His Social Media Post, But Shouts His TV Dad Out Anyway

For a whopping 12 seasons now, Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck have played a father-son duo on CBS’ hit series Blue Bloods. They don’t always get to film together, but one thing the show has always been known for is its lengthy family dinner scenes, and over time Wahlberg and Selleck have spent enough time together just filming said dinner scenes to know a thing or two about one another. In fact, the younger actor knows that his TV dad totally doesn’t have social media, but that isn’t stopping him from shouting out the mustachioed actor for his 77th birthday. 

In fact, Donnie Wahlberg shared a moment from the filming of Blue Bloods as part of a post wishing Tom Selleck a very happy birthday. He really dove hard into their father-son dynamic on the show with a cutesy “Love you, Dad! Always, Son!” before also mentioning Selleck probably doesn’t even have a clue what Instagram is. You can see the cute post in full below. 

I particularly like how Wahlberg modestly makes it clear that Blue Bloods is Tom Selleck’s project and he’s just working in it. In reality, however, he’s a huge character on a show stacked with major talent. There’s himself and his TV dad of course, but the series also stars Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes and Len Cariou and has previously featured other big names including Jennifer Esposito. 

Donnie Wahlberg has typically been active with the Blue Bloods fanbase (as well as the New Kids on the Block fanbase, of course). This season it’s actually been a big year for musical guest stars on the show, and Wahlberg’s been the person to announce to the fans that Jimmy Buffett was going to appear. A short while later, he also announced Lyle Lovett would be returning as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates on the show. 

Seventy-seven is a pretty solid birthday milestone, but Blue Bloods itself actually hit a milestone recently when it achieved the 250 episode mark. Donnie Wahlberg and other castmates celebrated the 250 episode achievement, as well. With nearly 12 full seasons under its belt, I’m actually a little surprised the show isn’t a little further ahead than that when it comes to episode count. However, it is worth noting the last couple of seasons have featured fewer episodes than the first slate of seasons, which consistently produced 22 episodes a year.  

Though the show may be slowing down in some ways, there’s every indication that it could be around for many more of Tom Selleck’s birthdays to come. Selleck has even said there is "no end point" planned

We’ll have to wait and see what the network has in store for the series, as CBS usually makes decisions about cancellations and renewals in late spring. For now, see what’s coming to television with our full TV premiere schedule

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