Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg And More Stars Celebrate The 250th Episode Milestone With Fun Images

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Blue Bloods has been a reliable entry in the CBS primetime lineup for more than a decade, and Season 12 is delivering a big milestone for the show: 250 episodes. That’s a milestone that few shows are lucky enough to hit, let alone keep so many key cast members along for the ride from the early days. Now, Donnie Wahlberg and other members of the large ensemble cast are celebrating hitting 250 episodes with fun posts and messages that are worth checking out. 

Donnie Wahlberg has been around from the very beginning as Detective Danny Reagan, and he used his Instagram Stories to hype the 250th episode and express his excitement ahead of the airing on January 28, posting:

Donnie Wahlberg/Instagram story

(Image credit: Donnie Wahlberg/Instagram)

What’s not to love about any kind of post that shouts out the Reagan family dinners? The dinner scenes may not always be the most fun for certain members of the cast, but they’re certainly iconic to the show as it hits 250 episodes. Wahlberg also posted another Instagram Story to promote the episode, even if he doesn’t explicitly brag about the milestone:

Donnie Wahlberg/Instagram story

(Image credit: Donnie Wahlberg/Instagram)

Another actor who has been part of the Reagan family from the very beginning of Blue Bloods took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone. Bridget Moynahan (who plays Erin Reagan) took a downright tasty-looking approach to the 250th episode. She shared a look at something that definitely never made an appearance at a Reagan family dinner, although I’m guessing plenty of fans would be happy to try one:

“Quite the accomplishment” is right, and who can blame Bridget Moynahan for her choice in hashtags with mentions of pride, gratitude, and the Blue Bloods family? And honestly, who can blame Moynahan for celebrating hitting 250 episodes with a photo of that cupcake rather than anything else? It looks pretty tasty! 

Marina Ramirez, who joined Blue Bloods in Season 3 as Detective Maria Baez, had a cupcake-themed post on Instagram as well. She also had a sweet message to prove that even though she hasn’t been part of the show for all 250 episodes, her nine seasons so far have meant a lot to her. She wrote about her experiences (and her cupcake): 

When two weeks turned into nine years for me… Happy 250th episode [Blue Bloods] How did I get so lucky?! Congrats to everyone who has been a part of making this show a success!! Don’t know where I would be without my bestie [Donnie Wahlberg] P.S. I’m not taking this out of the box because it will end up in my tummy but I can save it for you!

Kudos to Marina Ramirez for having the self-control not to open her cupcake box! And, of course, kudos to her for turning what could have been a quick appearance on the show into nearly a decade of work on one of CBS’ longest-running major hits. Take a look at the photo she chose:

In a touching nod to her shout out to Donnie Wahlberg as her “bestie,” Wahlberg wrote a comment saying “Same!” on the post. All things considered, the celebrations of the 250th episode just show the excitement and gratitude of some of the stars who have made Blue Bloods into the kind of show that can keep on finding new ground to cover halfway through its twelfth season, even if it wasn’t too long ago that it was possible that a season finale might have been a series finale

In fact, Wahlberg himself have have recently hinted at something that hasn’t happened on the show since 2014, in the same season that finally delivered some clarity to his character. Catch the 250th episode of Blue Bloods on Friday, January 28 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, and check out our 2022 TV schedule for more viewing options now and in the coming weeks.

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