Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg Gleefully Revealed Another Musical Guest Star Heading To Season 12

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CBS procedural Blue Bloods is going big for Season 12 and the special guest stars just keep coming. After recently revealing that music legend Jimmy Buffett will be acting on the series, star and former New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg revealed yet another musical great that will be coming to Blue Bloods for the current season.

Donnie Wahlberg, who portrays Detective Danny Reagan on the long-running procedural, took to Instagram once again to share his excitement to be reunited with singer/songwriter and actor Lyle Lovett on Blue Bloods. This isn’t Lovett’s first rodeo on the series, as he was first introduced as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates in 2020.

Lyle Lovett guest starred in the Season 10 episode, “Fog of War,” where his Texas Ranger character headed up to New York to follow the Lone Star Killer. The episode included some fun references to Wahlberg’s NKOTB days, so perhaps the upcoming episode will do the same. 

It’s unknown if Lovett and Jimmy Buffett will be in the same episode, but the episodes could be airing just weeks apart since filming was evidently so close. It would definitely be interesting to see Lovett's Gates share the screen with Buffett, especially since it’s still not known if the "Margaritaville" icon will portray himself or a fictional character. 

There’s no telling what will bring Waylon Gates back to the Big Apple, but it looks like the case will deliver a reunion with Danny Reagan that no one will want to miss. Hopefully we get more information on the episode soon, because I desperately need it if it means more interaction between Donnie Wahlberg and Lyle Lovett.

Meanwhile, Blue Bloods has been getting some pretty intense storylines for Season 12. A notable one for Danny Reagan surrounds the death of his wife multiple seasons ago. And of course it wouldn’t be Blue Bloods without a Reagan family dinner. But it just makes me wonder: what would happen if Waylon Gates were to partake in a dinner?

Hopefully Lyle Lovett’s episode of Blue Bloods airs sooner rather than later! There isn’t any telling just what the upcoming episode will consist of but fans can certainly look forward to it. Fingers crossed we’ll find out what will bring Texas Ranger Waylon Gates to New York sooner rather than later, even if the episode doesn't air for a while. Maybe next time the crew can take a trip down to the Lone Star State.

The first half of Blue Bloods Season 12 is nearly over, with the midseason finale airing in December, but for now you can find new episodes on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The fall TV season is winding down, so be sure to check out our premiere schedule to find out what's left to watch before the end of 2021!

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