Donnie Wahlberg Confirms A Popular Hawaii Five-0 Guest Star And Musician Is Heading To Blue Bloods Soon

Procedural Blue Bloods is well into its 12th season and still finding ways to surprise. One of those surprises is courtesy of star Donnie Wahlberg, who not-so-subtly confirmed that former Hawaii Five-0 guest star and major musician Jimmy Buffett is officially coming to the series.

The New Kids on the Block founding member shared the news with his followers on Instagram recently and included a sweet photo of him and the musician. Although there is no telling what will bring Jimmy Buffett to Blue Bloods, he's undoubtedly going to make a fun addition. Take a look:

Jimmy Buffett had a seven-episode recurring role as Frank Bama in Hawaii Five-0 from 2011-2020. Donnie Wahlberg only noted filming "a fun new episode" singular, which suggests that the singer will only appear in one episode at this point. But if he could return multiple times as to Hawaii Five-0, who's to say that this won't be the first of several appearances on Blue Bloods? Whatever the future holds for him on the CBS drama, fans can be excited.

Although Jimmy Buffett is widely known in the music industry, he does have some acting credits. He just played himself in most of his roles, but there are some where he has played characters. For instance, not many people may know that he was a park visitor in 2015’s Jurassic World. Admittedly, that didn't exactly make him a star of the film, but still fun. Hawaii Five-0 remains his biggest acting gig playing a character.

Meanwhile, Season 12 of Blue Bloods has been intense, though not quite as much as the previous season so far. This season has finally been giving Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan some clarity after losing his wife several seasons ago. And the Reagan family dinners have also been something to look forward to, as per usual.

It’s interesting to point out that the Season 11 finale was written as a series finale. If the series had ended at that point earlier in 2021, we would never get the likely wonderful scenes between musical legends Donnie Wahlberg and Jimmy Buffett on the beach.

Currently it’s unknown what episode Buffett will be guest starring on, but hopefully it’s one that will be airing soon. Fingers crossed that the musician will eventually be in more than one episode because any time for him on screen is a plus. And it’s been a while since his role on Hawaii Five-0; if we get another recurring role with him, it would be great.

Blue Bloods has been going on for over a decade and the fact that it’s still able to bring in major guest stars is saying a lot. It will be nice to see what will happen with Jimmy Buffett’s role, and if it will affect the overall storyline at all. New episodes air on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS!

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