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Bob Saget Was Gracious Until The End As Evidence From Final Night Released, Includes Exchange With Valet

In the months following comedian Bob Saget’s death at age 65, new details have come to light. A final report on Saget, which included redacted information, was recently released and confirmed that the head trauma he experienced was caused by “something hard, covered by something soft.” Aside from context on his exact cause of death, there’s been more information regarding his last public encounters with fans. Now, newly released evidence, which includes a photo from a hotel valet, which shows that the star was gracious until the end. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released new photos from the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, where Bob Saget was staying at the time that he died. The images, which were shared with ABC7 Chicago, show different parts of the comic’s hotel room. Among the released images was also a photo the comic took with a car attendant at the hotel. Apparently, Saget struck up a conversation with the man after returning to Orlando from Jacksonville. The photo was reportedly taken during the late-night hours before his body was found. 

Based on what’s been reported about the star’s stay at the Ritz-Carlton, this wasn’t the only time he’d taken some time to engage with his fans. A hotel employee previously recalled the actor making time for fans. At one point during his stay, he was “cracking jokes” in the lobby and waving to people. It’s said that he also eagerly took selfies with fans who asked for them. The Full House actor was well-loved by many and, based on his apparent desire to make jokes and take selfies during his hotel stay, it’s not hard to understand why. 

In addition to the newly released photos, Florida investigators have also begun to develop theories regarding the night Bob Saget passed away. After it was reported that the blow to his head came from “something hard, covered by something soft,” some began to deduce that he may have taken a fall to a carpeted floor, which was said to be present in his room. Per ABC7 Chicago, both the floor and the lightly-padded headboard of Saget’s bed have been named “possible mechanisms of injury,” though there were reportedly no traces of blood on neither the bed sheets nor bedspread. Tables, countertops and nightstands have since been ruled out as having contributed to the incident:

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These new findings also seem to add credibility to the notion that the incident took place shortly before the former AFHV host retired for the night. Investigators say that the blow to the head “would have stunned Mr. Saget” and that had people been around him after they would have seen him experience “confusion, balance, and/or slurred speech.” It’s also believed that the actor wouldn’t have been able to make the aforementioned drive from Jacksonville to Orlando in that condition. The valet that he took the photo with also said the comedian appeared “fine” and stated that “he did not see evidence of slurred speech, balance issues, or anything else that caused him concern” during their encounter.

Fans have been quite vocal since Bob Saget’s death, sharing their memories of him and showing support for his family, particularly his widow, Kelly Rizzo. She's been sharing touching messages on social media following her husband's passing. Two months after his passed, Rizzo shared an “incredibly grateful” message and thanked fans for their support during this time.

Due to a lawsuit filed by Bob Saget’s wife and daughters, additional information about his death will remain confidential as the investigation continues. All the while though, fans are sure to continue sharing their love for Saget’s family and reflecting on their experiences with him, either through his work and through personal encounters with him.

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