Boy Meets World Stars And 90210 Vet Lindsay Price Talk TGIF Sitcom Tackling Racism Without Becoming A 'Very Special Episode'

Will Friedle in Boy Meets World and Lindsay Price in Beverly Hills, 90210
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While fans love the entire Boy Meets World cast, the memorable (and sometimes goofy) guest stars were beloved by viewers as well. Of course, names like Linda Cardellini, Keri Russell, and Brittany Murphy stick out from the bunch. But one guest star who left an impression is still talked about by some fans to this day, and it's none other than Beverly Hills 90210 vet Lindsay Price. She popped up an early BMW episode that revolved around racism. Considering the Season 1 episode's legacy,  Price and some BMW stars talked about tackling the sensitive subject without making the installment "a very special episode."

The 90210 alum’s scene-stealing moment happened in Season 1, Episode 8 titled “Teacher’s Bet” in which she played Eric Matthews’ girlfriend, Linda, who got called a racial slur during a trip to the mall. Price brought an emotional layer to the role, and that left an impression on the cast. She reminisced about the memorable role with the stars while on the Pod Meets World podcast. Rider Strong stated that the former teen idol's acting skills elevated the story. He explained exactly how her realistic reaction and emotions kept it from becoming a “very special” episode of Boy Meets World:

It also saves an episode that otherwise could be really hokey, right? You have this idea of the teacher having the student teach the class, and having it arrive at a place where it’s essentially going to become a very special episode on racism. That’s a huge leap, especially for episode 7 of a sitcom with 12-year-olds. I think your performance anchors it and makes it possible, makes it happen… It’s jarring in the best possible way.

Rider Strong felt that his colleague's guest star role helped to make the subject more realistic for the ABC sitcom’s young viewers. Lindsay Price gained her superb skills from acting on several notable TV shows, including ABC staples All My Children and fellow ABC series The Wonder Years. But scoring the BMW role meant a bit more for the young actress, who'd been passed over for main roles as an Asian woman:

I guess back then, too, I didn’t really think to be honest if I look back on that time. I had been at it for so long with the exception of the soap, in which I played the cook’s illegal immigrant daughter who needed a green card. I was never asked to be a series regular. There wasn’t anyone on television of Asian descent who was a lead or series regular at that time. To get a chance to have a role with something to say and some meaning especially this particular type of story was really important to me. And it was awesome that they would write this story for kids to become aware of how we feel and treat others of different colors.

Some may believe that a multi-camera sitcom can be restraining for a performer, but it seems the TGIF series allowed Price to show her range as an actress. It's wonderful to see that the role still sticks with her to this day. And on-screen boyfriend Will Friedle chimed in and gave Lindsay Price praise for her performance in the standout episode:

I know I’m making a grandiose statement here, but to me, it is one of the most real acting moments in the seven years of our show.

Will Friedle mentioned that he felt out of place on the sitcom, despite being a series regular and admitted to being intimidated by his co-star's acting skills. In turn, the Splitting Up Together star said she was in awe of how close the young stars were after only filming a few episodes. At that point, Lindsay Price had never been on a show long enough to grow those bonds, especially with actors around her age. (Of course, that would change years later.) Despite that, her work clearly struck a nerve, as the TV veteran said she was called “a trailblazer” by a young Asian actor due to her layered performance. And who could disagree with that notion?

Boy Meets World generated plenty of laughs, but we can't forget that race was a component (both in front of and behind the camera). The series also covered a myriad of other topics like sex, domestic abuse and juvenile delinquency. If you want to watch Lindsay Price's memorable Season 1 episode and more, just get a Disney+ subscription. And don't forget to listen to Pod Meets World with Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel through iHeartRadio.

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