Britney Spears' Conservatorship Is Over, So Why Is A Free Britney Lawyer Calling For New People To Be Deposed?

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While Britney Spears has been living her best newlywed life while on a yacht honeymoon with Sam Asghari after their fairytale wedding, the singer is still embroiled in a number of legal matters over her 13 year conservatorship, which finally ended in mid-November of 2021. Much of this continued legal trouble has to do with Spears’ father, Jamie, and with the two now set to head back to court in late July, a Free Britney lawyer is calling for new people to be deposed, whom she believes had a hand in Spears being placed under that conservatorship in the first place.

Who Does The Free Britney Lawyer Want Deposed In Britney Spears’ Case Against Jamie Spears?

According to Insider, conservatorship attorney Lisa MacCarley (who’s involved with the Free Britney movement) filed an amicus brief earlier this week suggesting that Dr. James Edward Spar be deposed for his alleged diagnosis saying Spears had dementia and wasn't able to hire her own lawyer in a 2008 medical report, which supposedly led the way for Jamie Spears to petition for the conservatorship. According to MacCarley’s brief:

[Britney Spears] is the last person on Earth who should be deposed in this case. The first person on Earth who should be deposed is Dr. James Edward Spar. Afterall, it is Dr. Spar's mythological declaration that placed Britney Jean Spears under the control and custody of James P. Spears, over her objections, in the first place…It is time that we all learned the truth about the judges and lawyers who left Britney, without a lifeline, under the control and custody of a violent male relative who had a long history of abusive and dysfunctional behavior.

MacCarley also asked that all of the experts who testified and lawyers who participated in the closed, February 4, 2008 hearing on the pop star’s welfare be forced into depositions, along with the medical report that came out of those proceedings being made public, including anything that was redacted.

This brief was filed in the wake of Jamie Spears asking for his daughter to be deposed before their hearing, because of the allegations the younger Spears has made on social media that speak of his supposed abuses while he ran her conservatorship. Spears has been speaking out since last summer about the shocking treatment she claims she had to live with while under the conservatorship, and has pulled no punches when detailing the ways in which she believes her family contributed to her situation.

The trial at the end of this month is set to determine whether or not Spears’ dad spied on her as she has alleged. Jamie Spears has publicly denied any wrongdoing on that front, specifically in regards to him having a bug planted in Britney Spears’ bedroom, or knowing about “any such surveillance having occurred.”

What Does This Filing Mean For Britney Spears’ Case Against Her Father?

Right now, the short answer to that question is that it’s hard to tell. MacCarley had to file an amicus brief because she’s not one of the superstar’s lawyers, and those briefs are only filed by people who aren’t actually directly involved in the case they’re supplying information on. This appears to mean that the court can take or leave MacCarley’s suggestions with little or no thought, as she’s not truly involved in the case.

Lisa MacCarley herself told the outlet that there’s no basis "in the law" that would stop Jamie Spears’ legal team from deposing Britney Spears, so we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not her filing will make an impact.

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