Britney Spears Is Living The High (Seas) Life On 2-Week Yacht Honeymoon With Sam Asghari

britney spears in her slumber party video
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While Britney Spears has definitely been through more than a lot of people recently, with her still involved in legal action against her dad, Jamie Spears, and now needing protection against her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, she also still has a lot to celebrate. Along with moving into a new home so Spears can be closer to her sons, Sean Preston (16) and Jayden James (14), the pop star was also finally able to marry her longtime love, Sam Asghari, in a fairytale ceremony. Though Spears had to enjoy some bikini time while at her new digs for a bit, she’s now living that high seas life while on a yacht honeymoon with Asghari.

Britney Spears took to what seems to be her favorite social media platform, Instagram, to share some videos of herself and Sam Asghari on their high seas honeymoon, and it’s pretty clear that the newlyweds are enjoying their time together to the fullest. Take a look!

Oh, man. You guys? It’s been so long since I had a vacation. Did you see how freakin’ blue that water is?! It’s almost an unreal sight, right? Well, it’s obviously very real for Spears and Asghari, as the short clip shows them frolicing on what I’m sure is a super fancy yacht, complete with embraces, kisses, smiles, and some de rigueur dancing and butt wiggling from Spears. With everything she’s been through, it’s always good to see the beloved superstar enjoying herself.

As noted earlier, her wedding to Asghari managed to happen on June 9, pretty much as planned, despite Jason Alexander trying to crash the service. He live-streamed most of his attempt, right up until he was finally apprehended. Spears (understandably) felt it necessary to fire the security team who was on duty for the ceremony and let him into the house, and was later awarded a three-year restraining order against her ex, whom a guard testified had been hanging around the property for days before Spears’ wedding.

The “Slumber Party” singer is also still embroiled in a lot of legal activity because of her 13- year conservatorship, which was largely run by her father. Though Jamie Spears has recently denied bugging his daughter’s bedroom during that time, there’s still a court date approaching to determine whether or not the elder Spears did, in fact, spy on the entertainer.

Spears appears to be taking her recent troubles in stride, and also posted another video of her doing something else she loves: playing on the beach while going topless…

As she noted in her caption, Spears and Asghari have been hopping on and off of the yacht while taking a helicopter to various islands to revel in some quality beach time. Sure, it sounds like so much ‘copter time hasn’t exactly been fun for the pop queen, but at least she can strut on the beach in between sweaty jaunts in the aircraft to regain her bearings, right?

Keep doing you, Britney Spears. We love to see it!

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