Britney Spears Dances Like Robert Pattinson Deepfake In Latest Video And It’s A Vibe

britney spears in her slumber party music video
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There are lots of things that people know about Britney Spears, especially if you follow her on social media. Spears loves to show off her fashion sense in her favorite outfits, for instance. The pop star also enjoys lounging poolside or on the beach and modelling her best bikinis, and Spears has also been known to strip down and give the world a taste of what nature gave her. But, everyone who pays attention to Spears’ posts also know that the lady loves a dance video, and a recent video of her dancing like a Robert Pattinson deepfake is definitely a whole vibe.

Britney Spears is, obviously, a pretty big fan of social media, and has been able to fully use her Instagram account (especially) to give fans a look into her life, particularly once she begin speaking out about the treatment she’d received under her conservatorship, which finally ended in November of 2021. But, amidst all of the revelations about very personal topics and the more recent flood of fairytale images from Spears’ wedding to Sam Asghari, there are still the dance videos that the superstar’s fans love to see. Including this recent post of her and a friend copying the moves of a Robert Pattinson deepfake. Observe:

I mean, this is nothing if not completely hypnotic, right? I’m basically a part-time professional Instagram video watcher, and even I had a hard time not repeatedly looking at that incredibly creepy not-Pattinson dead-eye stare his way through an odd dance and then watch Spears and her unnamed buddy copy the moves. Though I will admit, “copy” seems to be the wrong word, since the deepfake’s dance is a bit more casual, like something you’d see a bored person start to do in a long grocery store checkout line. Meanwhile, Spears and her friend went quickly into a near Irish jig, but it’s still a total vibe, nonetheless.

Of course, part of the vibe created by Spears’ post is because of the caption. The newlywed has been very open lately about trying to be her best self while still loving herself as she is, and this adorably silly dance post also touches on some of that. She notes how looking at the social media of “women with a style game and hot bodies” often makes her want “to crawl in a hole and feel like an idiot,” but Spears is holding firm to posting images and videos that aren’t always perfect.

For one thing, with Spears’ many decades in the entertainment industry, she knows how long that look of “perfection” takes. And, as she said in her caption, with having to deal with every aspect of her life being controlled for so many years, she’s done trying to fulfill other people’s frequently unrealistic expectations, so she can just live the life she wants.

Hopefully, with Britney Spears now a happily married woman who recently moved into a new home to be closer to her sons with ex Kevin Federline, she’ll be able to do just that for as long as she wants. And, if her fans are lucky, she’ll keep us posted on her progress with a number of social media posts that’ll keep us talking.

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