A Security Guard Has Testified About What Happened When Britney Spears’ Ex Crashed Her Wedding And Was Subsequently Arrested

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Britney Spears has spent the past several months since her conservatorship finally ended in November beginning to truly live life on her own terms. One of the big things this has included is Spears being able to move forward in her romance with her long-time love, Sam Asghari. While Spears and Asghari were able to tie the knot earlier this month (and graciously released some fairytale footage from their nuptials), the ceremony was nearly marred by the presence of her ex-husband, Jason Allen Alexander, who was able to get on the property and attempted to crash the wedding. Now, one of Spears’ security guards has testified about what happened.

What Did Britney Spears’ Security Guard Say About Jason Alexander Crashing The Wedding?

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears were finally able to marry on Thursday, June 9, but they narrowly missed things going very wrong after Jason Alexander got into their home before the service. Alexander was eventually charged with trespassing, battery, vandalism, and felony stalking, and a court appearance on Monday saw one of Spears’ former security guards open up about what happened that day. According to TMZ, the guard (who is one of several that Spears fired after the security team allowed Alexander into her house before the wedding), told the judge that, upon getting into Spears' home, Alexander’s first move was to locate her bedroom. 

The guard noted that Alexander was able to sneak onto the property in order to get inside of the main house, then found Spears’ bedroom and attempted to get in while Spears was inside, but the door had been locked. This security personnel also said that Alexander kept talking about how he needed to speak with Spears and was actively looking for her, even as he was not on the guest list for the wedding.

Even worse, the guard also testified that Alexander had been spotted around the fringes of Spears and Asghari’s property several times prior to their wedding day, including the day right before, despite being told repeatedly to stay away. This might be why, when Alexander was originally arraigned on charges a few days ago, the judge saw fit to add the felony stalking charge, and also granted Spears a three-year restraining order against Alexander.

While the Spears and Asghari definitely had a lovely celebration with a number of their friends and family (not including Lynne Spears, who later said she just wants her daughter “to be happy”), it’s clear that Jason Alexander had a plan to ruin their wedding that could have taken a very dangerous turn. He pleaded not guilty to all of his charges, but the police did note that he was armed with a knife when he tried to crash the wedding, while also posting about his attempt in real time with Instagram Live videos

Luckily, it does seem like Britney Spears’ legal team is on top of keeping the singer safe, so she can continue to enjoy newlywed poolside romps at their new home, which will keep Spears closer to her sons with Kevin Federline.

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