Carmen Electra Throws Back To Big Moments In Her Career, Including Performing In Lingerie And Wrestling With Kim Kardashian

Carmen Electra at the 2023 People's Choice Awards.
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It’s been a great couple of years for Carmen Electra, who re-blew up in the cultural consciousness thanks to a viral appearance in The Last Dance than parlayed that good juju into a successful OnlyFans account. The actress is social on other platforms as well, and she frequently uses Instagram to engage with her fans, most recently through a series of posts that threw back to some big moments in her career. 

From reminiscing about dancing in lingerie with The Pussycat Dolls to getting into a literal wrestling ring with Kim Kardashian, here's a sampling of some of her fun posts. 

Carmen Electra Danced With The Pussycat Dolls

In the most recent of these, Carmen Electra throws back to the time she was a dancer in The Pussycat Dolls. Yes, this would later become a band which propelled Nicole Scherzinger and more to fame, but originally a group of women including Electra came together as part of a dance group formed by Robin Antin before the musical group became a thing. (In fact, Antin was fairly recently involved in a lawsuit against Scherzinger in which the creator sued over The Masked Singer judge reneging on a tour deal.) 

Meanwhile, Electra's spoken about being one of the originals in the group on Instagram, and the outfit she recently shared was a throwback look the actress had worn during a Letterman performance with the group.

Creator Robin Antin even commented on the post, writing that she actually has hung on to the costume for all these years. She wrote:

OMG [Carmen Electra] you’re sooooo PERFECT BABE! #queen ! You were born a Pussycat Doll ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (I still have that costume! Ha!)

Electra also shared a similar performance throwback photo on Twitter, this time in a corset while performing with the girl group. 

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Carmen Electra’s Classic Movie Throwbacks

Not only has Carmen Electra been throwing on lingerie and bikinis, but she’s also had a couple of movie throwbacks, as well. There was her memorable wrestling scene with Kim Kardashian filmed for The Disaster Movie back in 2008. Sadly Ms. Kardashian did not comment on the post, and I'm sure the role landing Kardashian a Razzie nomination did not help. The good news? Model and other Baywatch actress Brande Roderick noted her kids are big fans of the flick in question. Take a look. 

Of course, there's also her Good Burger gig, in which she plays a character named Roxanne who walks in the room to the tune of the song “Roxanne.” A little on the nose, maybe? But the role certainly stood out when CinemaBlend recently rewatched Good Burger.  And Electra seemingly has fond memories of her time on the film, calling it one of her "fav movies." 

These aren’t the only times the actress has thrown back to projects in recent months. She also reminded us about a clip from Date Movie and, of course, celebrated with some Baywatch memories in recent months. (In fact, she also said she’d be happy to come back to Baywatch, though she has some requests.) 

There's no doubt that at 50 Carmen Electra still looks amazing and given the revived interest people have had in the actress after that Last Dance appearance (even PornHub searches about Carmen Electra went up), I'm happy she's found ways to engage with the people who've kept an eye on her career -- particularly in places outside of Baywatch -- over the years. 

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