Chrissy Teigen Admits She Had Another Cosmetic Procedure Done

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Chrissy Teigen's trademark candor occasionally creates quite a stir. Whether it's discussing celebrities’ online dating activities or poking fun at her own husband John Legend, the Lip Sync Battle host’s opinions are the foundation of her career. Yet in recent months, taking it too far at certain points has backfired on her somewhat. But some things don't change, and Teigen is getting back in the swing of revealing extensive personal details about herself, including how she just got another cosmetic procedure done.

The model-turned-cookbook author revealed the new procedure on her Instagram stories recently (via E! Online). Apparently, Chrissy Teigen opted for a “buccal fat removal” from her cheeks (facial, that is) by famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. She said with the added decision on her part to quit drinking, she's “really seeing the results” and that there's “no shame in my Dr. Diamond game.” Check out this Twitter fan’s capture of the results below:

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As mentioned, this cheek fat removal isn’t Chrissy Teigen’s first foray into cosmetic procedures. She famously said goodbye to her fake boobs last year and had no problem sharing her carefree new look to the world. (Prior to their removal, they in fact had a comical, prime feature spot on the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and even a Fox News anchor’s phone.) The longtime Lip Sync Battle star also shared at one point that she got Botox injections to prevent armpit sweating, which sounds as equally appealing and scary as cheek fat procedures.

Clearly, Chrissy Teigen likes to keep it real with her fans who appreciate her frankness. But Teigen has also faced heavy repercussions for it as well. She was accused by several celebs of cyberbullying on social media in the past few months. She apologized for her past actions, but it still resulted in Teigen losing out on several gigs and business deals.

In the aftermath of the allegations, Chrissy Teigen has supposedly been trying to turn over a new leaf. She shared at one point that she was planning on minding her business in the future. The recent update on the latest cosmetic procedures seems to indicate that she meant it. Teigen has revealed previously, too, that she was quitting drinking as a result of the drama and even was able to hit a 50-day milestone.

Curiously, the fate of Chrissy Teigen’s show Lip Sync Battle remains unknown. The fan-favorite competition series, which saw celebs face off with each one another, was reportedly going to be siphoned to a different ViacomCBS network, but there's been no official confirmation of a Season 6 return. In the interim, Teigen starred and executive produced a documentary about the art of fried potatoes in a totally unsurprising move.

French fries, sweatless armpits, and cheeky procedures… It would seem the 45-year-old still knows a thing or two about the art of self-awareness.

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