How Chrissy Teigen Celebrated Her ‘First’ Sober Thanksgiving With John Legend And Their Family

Chrissy Teigen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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This year, Thanksgiving was celebrated in a myriad of interesting ways. Billie Eilish opted to hug a turkey in advocacy of veganism. Remember the Titans start Ethan Suplee, whose significant weight loss had previously went viral, revealed that he was going to be kind to himself on the major food-focused holiday. Personally, I was just watching the the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as usual. But Chrissy Teigen celebrated with John Legend and their family in an entirely new tradition: stone-cold sober.

The Lip Sync Battle co-host decided to give up drinking a few months ago after she was accused several times of cyberbullying and jokes in poor taste. Lucrative business deals and acting gigs were lost as a result. Yet she has been frank ever since that she wants to live her life differently. And evidently, the effort is still ongoing. On Thanksgiving, she shared photos on Instagram of her family celebrating, including her husband John Legend presenting the main turkey dish. But this time, apparently, there’s no tequila involved. She wrote:

the first time I have ever been able to enjoy everyone enjoying dinner!! I used to start my thanksgiving prep with a shot of cafe patron (COFFEE TEQUILA) and I’d pretty much take another every couple of hours. I didn’t even make any crucial recipe errors this year! toot toot goes the horn! anyhoo hope you had a beautiful holiday. grateful for you and your love

Along with her first sober Thanksgiving, Chrissy Teigen has been documenting other major alcohol-free milestones as well. She shared in August that she and John Legend went to a fancy UNICEF event, and it was her very first “sober Italian getaway.” She also claimed, similar to her holiday post, that she was glad she was able to “remember it all,” thanks to no alcohol. 

A month later, the TV personality admitted that after some “wine hiccups” she was on a “50 day sobriety streak.” Barring any later wine hiccups, Teigen should be nearing a 4-month streak here soon. Check out her full Thanksgiving post below:

Though the bullying scandal had some major fallout for her brand, which ultimately prompted her sobriety journey, the media personality is still posting with a little humor – and getting into some trouble for it. A lot of eyebrow-raising comments have been made about her recent decision to get eyebrow implants, for one, despite previously railing against social media “perfection.” For another, Teigen’s Squid Game-themed house party was viewed by many as a celebrity willfully missing the show’s underlying point.

Nevertheless, Chrissy Teigen has seemingly not let the criticisms about her complicate her sobriety. A Home Sweet Home Alone character was apparently even based on Teigen’s enduringly “big and vivacious” personality that people either just love to hate or hate to love. We wish her nothing but success as she continues her sobriety journey.

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