Danica McKellar Is One Of The Latest Stars To Leave Hollywood, And Her New Home Is So On Brand For The Hallmark Alum

If anyone knows what it’s like to grow up in the limelight, it’s Danica McKellar. Having been working in the industry since she was just a little girl, the Wonder Years alum called Los Angeles her home for quite some time. However, the actress is not only now part of the list of celebrities who've left Hollywood, but her new home is incredibly on brand given her status as a Hallmark alum.

Danica McKellar gushed about her new home during an interview with People, in which she explained that she and her family moved from sunny California to rural Tennessee. Moving across the country can be hard, but the notion of living in a big city before settling down in a small town is a situation that McKellar is all too familiar with. The former Hallmark star opened up about the move and how it tracks with her body of work:

I am just loving the fact that my Christmas movie characters have rubbed off on me. I think it's just a wonderful example of life imitating art. … My husband and I have been wanting more nature for a long time. We were kind of ready to not be in a city anymore.

Hallmark fans undoubtedly know that there have been a number of TV movies on the network that have seen characters pick and leave their busy lives in the city in favor of something more simple in the south. Danica McKellar has more than a dozen Hallmark films under her belt, and some of her own productions have featured such a premise. The fact that this is now her life is somewhat ironic but also incredibly sweet. Now, I'm just curious as to whether she'll star in such a movie at her new network home on GAF.

She is just one of the latest celebrities to leave Hollywood for a more grounded life. Fellow Hallmark star Alexa PenaVega has been living in Hawaii with her husband, Carlos PenaVega, and their kids for several years now. Ariel Winter moved to Virginia, while James Van Der Beek, Matthew McConaughey, and Chris Hemsworth, among others, have also left the City of Angels for different reasons.

For Danica McKellar, a move to Tennessee is only the latest change to happen this year. The actress was also one of the first stars to leave Hallmark for its rival channel and is preparing to release her first Great American Family movie, which is slated to premiere this month.

One can't help but wonder if the actress might consider filming a movie in her new home state. I'm sure the folks at GAF would do what they could to accommodate her if she desired that. But regardless of whether such a thing happens, it's just nice to see that she's enjoying her new southern surroundings.

Don’t miss Danica McKellar’s next holiday adventure when Christmas at the Drive-In premieres on Friday, November 25 on GAF!

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