Does Chad Michael Murray Ever Get Tired Of Filming Hallmark Christmas Movies?

Chad Michael Murray standing outside looking at the sky in Love in Winterland
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With the sheer volume of Christmas movies that come out on channels like Hallmark and Lifetime, it would make sense if their actors lose a bit of holiday cheer by making so many in a given year. However, that holiday cheer can also be infectious and motivate actors to make more. One actor who is not going anywhere is Chad Michael Murray, who recently explained why he’s not tired of making Christmas movies. 

The actor recently attend Christmas Con to talk about his career making holiday movies, and he made sure everyone knew he was nowhere near done making them. He said (via Heavy): 

It’s incredible for the world. We all love the holiday season. We all love these films. I’m going to do them for as long as I can.

Last year, Murray starred in Toying with the Holidays on Lifetime, and Angel Falls Christmas on Hallmark. While he won’t be on this year’s Christmas movie schedule, he has quite the catalog of holiday films dating back to 2010, and luckily he plans on making even more. 

Based on the fact that Murray has been appearing in Christmas movies since 2010, I’d say we’re bound to see him back in one very soon. Also, the former One Tree Hill star revealed that he’s been doing work behind the scenes, he’s produced four-holiday movies he’s starred in, and he said he’s working on a script. So, maybe next year we’ll get to see a cheeky writing credit for Chad Michael Murray in one of the upcoming Hallmark movies in the coming years.

I’d imagine making Hallmark movies is as wholesome a time as watching them. For example, John Travolta’s sister’s dream literally came true when she got to star alongside Lacey Chabert in Haul Out the Holly. Also, I'd imagine the three guys from Three Wise Men and a Baby who got to dance and bust some super fun moves, probably had just as much fun shooting the scene as fans did watching it.

I think a mantra that's important for both those making and watching TV holiday movies is: even though Hallmark movies can get a bit cheesy, just don’t overthink it and you’ll have a wonderful time with them. Clearly, Chad Michael Murray is here for everything that comes with these Christmas movies, cheese and all, and he'll keep on making them as long as they'll let him. 

Along with his love for Christmas movies, Murray has also shown his appreciation for other throwback shows he was a part of, which bring many viewers lots of nostalgic joy. Earlier this summer he reunited with Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls, he’s also still tight with the One Tree Hill cast and they all got together recently for a basketball game that harkened back to the days in Tree Hill. 

It’s lovely to see the love and adoration Chad Michael Murray has for the characters he’s played and the movies he’s starred in during the holidays. It also brings me joy that we can expect to see the actor back in Christmas movies sometime soon. 

Riley Utley
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