Drew Barrymore Can't Stop Laughing When Reading Seth Rogen's Book, And She's Got Video To Prove It

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There are very few sounds I love more on this Earth than Drew Barrymore’s laugh in 50 First Dates. As much as I enjoy Adam Sandler extracting the noise from his co-star when they work together, it’s another comedic actor getting all the hearty belly laughs from Barrymore. The Drew Barrymore Show creator and host is reading Seth Rogen’s new book in a recently posted video, and she can’t stop laughing.

Seth Rogen released his novel Yearbook, which is made up of a number of true personal essays, back in May. Apparently Drew Barrymore has now gotten around to reading it, seemingly in bed, and isn’t getting very far without bursting out in laughter. You can check out her recently posted TikTok video below:


Seth Rogen, I can’t stop laughing.

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I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a better ad for a book in my life, and you better believe that I jumped on buying the book as soon as I saw Drew Barrymore cracking up. Although Seth Rogen being the author of said book would have been enough to buy it, because he can make basically anything funny

Fans seem to be of the same mindset, because comments are full of people saying that they didn’t even know Seth Rogen had a book and that Drew Barrymore should be getting paid to promote it. It’s all love, of course, and fans seem to be heading to Amazon to purchase the book in masses. 

Some comments who already knew about the book are saying that the audio book is even better. Apparently listening to the book makes it seem like a movie. The audio book is narrated by Rogen himself, and the dialogue is read by famous comedic actors like Jason Segel and Dan Aykroyd.

Seth Rogen has plenty of hilarious stories to tell, so I’m really not surprised people are jumping on the book as soon as they find out about its existence. The Pineapple Express star, who loves weed more than anyone I’ve ever seen and even has a pot company now, reveals how he first met fellow marijuana lover Snoop Dogg in his book. And the rapper even gives his voice to the audio book as well.

I’ve never listened to a book in my life, but I’ve also never heard of an audiobook having such a majorly impressive cast. I wouldn’t be surprised if fans, after reading the print version of the book, also double back and listened to the audio version as well. I will certainly be taking that journey with Yearbook, and I hope to see another video of Drew Barrymore cracking up to a Snoop Dogg reading of the book.

Seth Rogen isn’t just an author and pot company owner, he’s definitely still in the acting game even though he disappeared there for a little while. You’ll be able to see him in a small capacity in the upcoming Pam & Tommy mini series, which is set to release to Hulu on February 2nd.

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