Emilia Clarke Shared A Positive Post, Then Got Trolled For Aging In Hollywood. People Are Not Happy

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones
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Emilia Clarke is thriving, not only is her career as strong as ever, she’s also on her A-game when it comes to social media, posting BTS photos, images of her dog, posts about brain injury awareness, and motivational mug messages. Recently, she took to Instagram to post a selfie of her with a mug her mom gave her and share a positive message with her fans. However someone on Twitter decided to troll her post, and comment about her age, now, fans of the Game of Thrones star are calling out the person who posted the negative comment, and showing their love for the Mother of Dragons. 

The actress took to Instagram to show off her mug that reads “You’re doing fucking great,” and wanted to share the message with her fans. She signed off her caption by saying: “Use it and reap the rewards.” 

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The comments on her post praised the actress and noted how beautiful she is with adorable loving enthusiasm that is comparable to how Jason Momoa reacts any time he reunites with his TV wifey. However, there was one Twitter user who decided to troll Clarke, commenting on her age. Jon Miller posted a screenshot of the actress’s selfie and commented: 

This comment making fun of the actress's age was met with great backlash from Clarke’s fans, calling him out for the statement. Inimitable Neuro not only called out the user’s post, but reaffirmed how amazing the actress behind Daenerys Targaryen is, writing:

She's beautiful. God forbid a woman is allowed to age for goodness sake. She's had major health struggles too. Kindness is free. You should try it.

Others also quickly came to Clarke’s defense by calling out the tweet that was trolling the actress, posting messages like: 

  • this is gross and misogynistic. -Regan Okey 
  • What are you talking about? She’s beautiful. -TJ Allard 
  • I don't know why you think it's cool to put people down for the simple human process of aging -Abby Libby 
  • Or...OR she looks like a healthy and happy 36-year-old. -kimmie_c_ 
  • This is weirdly mean and hostile. She looks fantastic and has an amazing smile. - Garrett Bridges 
  • She looks beautiful. People age. -Adryana 

This is only a small sampling of the over 5,000 comments on the post that now has nearly 5,000 quote tweets too, many of which call out the original post. Lots of users pointed out the problematic post, and showed their support for the latest actress to join the MCU, making comments like:

  • I’m confused? She looks gorgeous & is aging wonderfully -leaveeidc 
  • Emilia Clarke was beautiful when she was 22, she’s still an extremely beautiful woman here. She’s just aged…which hasn’t made her any less beautiful. I fail to see the problem with this picture🤔 -Cardinal Catboy 
  • y’all are always saying u want a natural woman and then u see one choosing to forego botox/filler who looks literally perfectly normal and say she’s hit the wall. she looks beautiful -violentlyepic

Many comments also noted everything Clarke has been through, and how inappropriate it is to make comments that poke fun at peoples’ age and looks. Lots of people noted that the actress survived two brain aneurysms while filming Game of Thrones, and not only recovered, but she has gone on to have a thriving career, plus she's gorgeous. 

This year alone holds many exciting projects for Clarke that show how great she's doing. She’s set to have a film on the 2023 movie schedule with the clever sci-fi satire The Pod Generation. She’s also officially joining the MCU as part of the Secret Invasion cast, which is among Marvel’s slate of upcoming TV shows and set to premiere later on the 2023 television schedule. Based on her gorgeous unfiltered selfie that complimented her positive post, her ever-growing filmography, and the outpouring of support following the trolling, clearly, she’s doing great and many love and appreciate her. 

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